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Web Cracker v2.0 FinalCopyright 1998 by DiTTo; Released 12/02/98; This program exploits a rather large hole in web site authentication methods. Password protected websites can be easily brute-force hacked, because there is no set limit on the number of time an incorrect password or User ID can be tried.Size: 263Kb 
BEGINNERS "STEP BY STEP" SECURITY GUIDE, v0.1.32 HTML of a beginners guide to hacking from www.cyberarmy.comSize: 16kb 
GirlFriend 1.35 by General Failure Girlfriend is a program which allows you to get information on applications running on remote PC. That means that if any computer connected to net is infected with GirlFriend - you can connect to this PC and "steal" informationSize: 560kb 
bof.exeBO FREEZE detects subnet scans by remote hosts looking for Bo Servers, logs the scans, and then sends malformed packets to the remote host running the BO GUI causing the remote BO GUI to "freeze" or lock upSize: 75kb 
busconq.zipNetBus trojan password cracker. Scans IP blocks for NetBus trojans and changes passwords to password of your choice so you can gain exclusive control.Size: 220kb 
ipprober.zip IPprober - small tcp portscannerSize: 126kb 
HackerZ Hideout FAQQuestion and Answers to the most common questions asked by vistors to the Hideout.Size: 6,494bytes 
Excel MacroMacro that removes Excel Passwords.Size: 41kb 
Word CrackerMicrosoft Word Password CrackerSize: 21kb 
Zip CrackerZipCracker is a program to crack password protected zip archives  
Anonymous MailAnonymous Email Program for WinXP.Size: 70,951bytes 
TosserThe ultimate tool for the IDLE user. Sends a ping packet to keep you from being drop'd by your ISP.Size: 152,840bytes 
E-Mail BomberUp Yours v4 beta 2. Email Bomber with New ImprovementsSize: 209,321bytes 
Hacking Credit CardsHow to Hack Credit Card CodesSize: 1,616bytes 
Virus Making
vwguide.zipBilly BelcebŁ Virus Writing Guide 1.00Size: 54kb 
vbb-macr.zipThe Macro Virus TutorialSize: 5k 
vengine.zipThe Vengine, combined with your favorite Microsoft Word macro virus, produces a polymorphic version of that virus. Sorry kiddiez, but you will need rudementary VBA skillz to use this. Instructions are included in the vengine.txt file, and an example is given with the Melissa virus.Size: 11kb 
bozo1.zipWord Macro Viruses, How they work by b0z0Size: 6k 
issue02.zipNew Solution to hide your macro VirusSize: 48kb 
Game Hack
win98fix.zipThis is a fix for reading those burned copies of Brood War and Starcraft on Windows 98 and NT machines.Size: 673kb 
X-GMI suppose this is to an AOL game. Its a hack for it.Size: 13,331 
Hacking Utility Diablo Hacking Utility
Size: 36,545  
Crack MasterCrack Master version 2.5; Protection & Password removal for you favorite games and programs Size: 43,799 
Crack AidCRACKAID - V3.39; Menu-driven game unprotect for many gamesSize: 55,725 
Game WizardGAME WIZARD 32 v3.0; The NUMBER ONE rated game cheating utility just got a whole lot betterSize: 271,115 
NeverlockNeverLock Universal - 04/96Size: 303,210 
Cheat Engine CHEAT ENGINE v2.50; Make Cool & Fast EXE Patches (Cracks/Cheats)Size: 71,460 
The PatcherTHE PATCHER v6.5; Removes copy protection from over one hundred games new and oldSize: 28,079 
Unlimited CheatsUnlimited Cheats V3.0b; Enables multiple cheats on the most recent gamesSize: 38,788 

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