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SEO Tip #1) The title of a page is the single most important on-page SEO factor. Firstly Insert your keywords within the title tag than SEO Robots will know what about your page. please, Keep it short & Donít have more than 60 characters (with spaces), which is roughly 8-10 words. make sure that same keywords (in the title tag) is also within the body but Don't use same title tag on every page . Make your title tag unique on every page. Title and META tags should be different on every page.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Tip #2) The description tag is not as important as title but it has some value. Write it as a summary and keep it under 30 words.

SEO Description Tag

SEO Tip # 3) Always remember that Content is king. Your content needs to have well-written and unique that will focus your keyword phrase or primary keyword. Fresh content that can help your page rankings. Especially Google, Yahoo, msn etc love blogs for the fresh content and highly-structured data.
Your site should be:
1) information-rich site (Don't create duplicate content)
2) write pages that accurately and clearly describe your content.

SEO Tip # 4) Never use Frames at all but you can use Flash but it is better to avoid complete Flash designs for best Search Engine Optimization results. if you use flash than must use alt because Search engines can't view Flash, they see them as images. Avoid PDFs & frames.

SEO Tip # 5) on each page Use the <b> </b> tags around few of your keywords but Do NOT use them everywhere. You can use the <b> </b> tags one or twice (per page).

SEO Tip # 6) Use <h1></h1> tag (Headings) also h2 & h3 tags

Headings tag

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