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Bandarban - The Roof of Bangladesh

Khagrachhari - The Charming Hill City

Khagrachhari is the administrative headquarters of verdant Khagrachhari Hill District. A drive of 266 km. from Dhaka and 112 km. from Chittagong by an all-weather metalled road through the hills and green forests takes you to this beautiful picturesque town. It is a land of solitude and fascinating lush green beauty. For tourists seeking nature in leisurely restful mood, Khagrachhari is an ideal spot. It is also an ideal place for shooting films.

Tourist Attractions

Khagrachhari is the natural wild beauty of Bangladesh. The great attraction of Khagrachhari is Alutila, surrounded by deep forest, is actually a high hill. There is a natural cave across Alutila, approximately 100 meters long. It is a dark mysterious cave. Torches are available at the top of the hill to go inside the cave through which a hilly stream flows. From the top of Alutila, one can view the whole Khagrachhari town at a glance. There is a Watch Tower and a lighthouse on the top of the hill. For the visitors there are some sheds for resting.

There are also a Dak-Bungalow (rest-house) of the Roads and Highways Department, a Microwave Tower of the T & T and a Buddhist Temple at the top of the hill.

Other Attractions

  • Manikchhari is the seat of the local Marma tribal Chief; Rajbari (palace) of the tribal chief is also worth seeing; The palace contains a bed made of ivory;
  • The forest or jungle of Guimara, the waterbodies and the hills of Khagrachhari are a feast for the eyes;
  • The abandoned Deeghi or water tank of former King of Tripura at Deeghinala is another place to visit;
  • At Ramgarh, there is a memorial monument of the War of Liberation called "Sharthok Ejanmo";
  • Old tea garden at Ramgarh;
  • There is a lake known as Matai Pukhiri lake 1500 feet above the ground at Nunchhari. Water of this lake never dries up nor becomes dirty and that is why, it is called Matai Pukhiri or Lake of God;
  • A colourful Biju (New year) Festival is celebrated by the local tribal people every year in April.

Tribal Life

The inhabitants of Khagrachhari Hill District are mostly ethnic minorities belonging to different groups like Tipra, Chakma, Marma (Mogh) and Kuki. Life of the hilly people is extremely exotic. Majority of them are Buddhists. But there are some Hindu, Christian and Animists as well. Despite the bondage of religion, elements of primitiveness are strongly displayed in their rites, rituals and everyday life. The families of ethnic minority people are matriarchal. The womenfolk are more hardworking than the males and they are the main productive force.


Mainly three seasons are noticed in Khagrachhari. The dry season (November to March) is relatively cool, sunny and dry. The pre-monsoon season (April and May) is very hot and sunny with occasional shower. And the rainy season (June to October) is warm, cloudy and wet.

How to go

  • By air : Dhaka to Chittagong by air and then from Chttagong to Khagrachhari by road.
  • By road: Dhaka to Khagrachhari by road via Chitttagong.
  • By train: Dhaka to Chittagong by train and then from Chittagong to Khagrachhari by road.

Where to stay

Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation established a Motel on the bank of the Chengi River at Khagrachhari to offer facilites to tourists.

For advance reservation, please contact:
Central Reservation Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation 233, Bir Uttam Ziaur Rahman Sarak Tejgaon, Dhaka -1215

When to go

The Winter (Nov-Feb) is the ideal time to VIsit Khagrachhari. This time is very eco-freindly to the visitors. In this period tourist with warm clothes feel convenient to move in and around the hilly region.

What to carry

In the summer one should carry light clothes and an umbrella or raincoat because it rains quite a lot here. Also for protection from insects and mosquitoes one can carry insect repellant. While walking into the woods during rainy season, visitors are to be careful about the leeches.


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