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Bandarban - The Roof of Bangladesh

Cox's Bazar - Longest Unbroken Sea Beach on Earth


Golden sands, miles after miles, overlooked by genteel . cliffs and awash with foaming waves, colourful conch shells, ponderous pagodas, delicious seafood - this is Cox's Bazar. The sea-side tourist township of Bangladesh boasting the world's longest (120 km.) beach sloping gently down into the blue water of the Bay of Bengal - Cox's Bazar is one of the most attractive tourist spots of the country.

North of Cox's Bazar is Chittagong and the hill districts of Bandarban and Khagrachhari, to the east is Myanmar, to the west and south is the Bay of BengaL


Ancient name of Cox's Bazar was Bakolia. Midseventeenth's name was PENGWA. The Rakhyne word PENGWA means yellow flower. Burmese King Monwaing attacked Cox's Bazar in 1784. He killed the Arakanese King Thamada and took control of Arakanese Kingdom. After taking control of Arakan, he continued the persecution of the Rakhyne community. As a result, majority of the Arakenese left the area to take shelter in the Chittagong Hill Tracts and Patuakhali. The Government of the East India Company appointed Captain Hiram Cox as Superintendent and sent him to rehabilitate the Arakanese refugees. On arrival there in 1799, he defeated the Burmese king in a battle and rehabilitated the Arakanese refugees. After the war, he set up a bazar (market) in that place which was named as Cox's Bazar after him.

Cox's Bazar - a tourist paradise

The sleepy township at the head of a 120 km. long beach with lines of fancy shops on either sides of Cox's Bazar main road, calm and peaceful Khyangs and Pagodas, Rakhyne quarters, fish harbour of Kostura Ghat, the sights of the rising sun behind the hills and setting of it into the Bay of Bengal - all together giv~s the aura of a fairy land - a tourist paradise.


Lovesome patches of beaches perched between the sea and the hills behind, some 30 km. down south along the sea-front from Cox's Bazar, Inani is a quiet tourist hideout set out in the exuberance of nature. Reachable by public transport plying between Cox's Bazar- Teknaf and by four wheel jeeps driving along the beach.


A beauty spot in the solitude of the sea and the hills. About 4 and a half km. southeast from Cox's Bazar along the beach. A four wheeled beach drive during lowtide hours or part of the way on donkey or elephant back and the remainder afoot would be a rewarding memory

Attractions around Cox's Bazar


A small Buddhist village Ramu is 15 km. from Cox's Bazar. Attractions include ancient Buddhist temple and Khyang, Ramkot Bonashram, Tirthadham, rubber gardens,

Buddhist locality Red Chin Khyang, White Chin Khyang, Jhorkhyang. Ramu is half an hour bus ride from Cox's Bazar. Taxi and minibus are available too.


An island in the Bay in the north western direction off Cox's Bazar. The island is dotted here and there with forested hills with the ancient Adinath Temple in its midst Fishermen's villages and the Rakhyne villages are great attractions of the island. Engine boats and trawlers ply between the island and Cox's Bazar main land every hour throughout the day. Speed-boats and trawlers ferry across passengers and cargo regularly. Speed-boats take 10-15 minutes and trawlers half an hour.


This is a maiden island off Cox's Bazar across the Bay. Under the wide open blue sky fishing community, dry fish processing and colonies of the red sea crabs are attractions of the island.


Teknaf, a romantic old-world border township in the southern tip of Bangladesh territory looking up to the Myanmar high hill ranges across the river Naf. Teknaf is 85 kIn. from Cox's Bazar by road and 120 kIn. by the beach along the sea. One can reach there by a public transport that leaves Cox's Bazar every hour. It is about 2 hours' journey each way.

Saint Martin's Island

Country's only coral island is Saint Martin's. Its local name is Narikel Jinjira. Attractions are beaches around the island, coral stones, coconut groves, sea crabs, turtle shells and pearls. One can reach there by engine boat across the Bay from Teknaf.

How to reach Cox's Bazar

154 km. from Chittagong, Cox's Bazar is connected by a well-built highway. There are DhakaChittagong-Cox's Bazar both ways Biman (Bangladesh Airlines) flights 3 days a week. Cox's Bazar by waterways from .Chittagong is a romantic Journey.

Where to stay

Hotels and Motels of Bangladesh Parjatan (Tourism) Corporation are good tourist accommodations. Prior reservation is advisable (Tel: 8119192, 8117855-9). Room rent ranges from Tk.600 to Tk.3000. Good many private hotels of moderate standard are there in Cox's Bazar. Single moderate accommodation would be available at a cheaper rate.

Where to enjoy food

Parjatan Restaurant Shagorika, Panahar and Sea View are the eating places from the Tourist Corporation. Privately owned restaurants such as Jhauban, Bakoli, Diamond, Niribili, Rojoni, Shojoni are worth trying. Prices are reasonable.


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