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Bandarban - The Roof of Bangladesh

Chittagong and Hill Districts


Chittagong, commercial capital of Bangladesh has a busy International Seaport and an Airport. Its green hills, spacious sandy beach and elegant cool climate always attract the holiday-makers. Described by the Chinese traveler - poet, Huen Tsang (7th century AD) as "a sleeping beauty emerging from mists and water" and given the title of "Porto Grande" by the 6th century Portuguese seafarers, Chittagong remains true to both the descriptions even today.

Chittagong is the country's staple port and is the main site for the establishment of heavy, medium and light industries. Shah Amanat International Airport, the second largest, has been newly constructed on the exquisite seashore of Patenga.

Tourists Attractions

  • Tomb of Sultan Bayazid Bostami is 6 km. to the north-west of Chittagong city.

  • World War 11 Cemetery having at eternal rest as many as 700 soldiers from different countries who laid down their lives on the Myanmar front during the World War 11.

  • The Shrine of Hazrat Shah Amanat (R.A.) is located in the heart of the city.

  • Court Building Museum is situated on the Fairy Hill.

  • Foy's Lake (Pahartali Lake) is 8 km. from downtown Chittagong.

  • Mercantile Marine Academy is situated on the estuary of the river Karnaphuli.

  • Patenga beach is about 22 km. from city.

  • Fouzdarhat Sea Beach is about 16 km. from city.

  • Ethnological Museum located in Agrabad area is a treasurehouse of a variety of tribal culture and heritage of Bangladesh.

  • Zia Memorial Museum is the former Government Circuit House now turned into a museum.

  • Sitakunda about 37 km. west of city is a legendary place of pilgrimage for the Hindus.

How to go

  • Dhaka - Chittagong by air

  • Dhaka - Chittagong by road

  • Dhaka - Chittagong by train

Where to stay

Hotel Agrabad. Besides, there are other standard hotels in Chittagong. You may find more here.

Hill Districts

The Hill Tracts are divided into three districts, namely . Rangamati, Khagrachhari and Bandarban.


Rangamati is 77 km. drive from Chittagong penetrating green fields and up and down hills. The headquarters of the Rangamati hill district is located on an exquisite sylvan site.


Khagrachhari is the district headquarters of Khagrachhari Hill District. A drive of 112 km. from Chittagong, by an all-weather metalled road through the green forest up hills down dales into the solitude of nature.


92 km. from Chittagong by metalled road, Bandarban is the district headquarters of Bandarban Hill District. Bandarban is the home town of the Bohmong Chief who is the Head of the Marma tribe. The Marma are of Myanmar origin, jovial and carefree by nature. The Marma are simple and hospitable people. Bandarban is also the home of the Murang who are famous for their music and dance.

Tourist Attractions

  • Bandarban is the home town of the Bohmong Chief who is the Head of the Marma tribe.

  • Chimbuk Hill standing on the lap of the cloud, is 25 km. to the south of Bandarban town.

  • Ruma, Keokeradong & Tajingdong are the best attractions in Bandarban area.

  • The scenery of the rivers Feni, Karnaphuli, Sangu (Sankhu) and Matamuhuri and their tributaries are captivating.

  • The highest peaks on the northern side are Thangnang, Langliang and Khantiang while those on the southern side are Ruma, Taung, Keokeradong, Tajingdong (4632 feet, highest in Bangladesh), Mowdok Mual, Rang Tlang and Mowdok Tlang.

  • Kaptai Lake is a very large artificial lake, spreading over 680 sq. km. of crystal-clean water flanked by hills and evergreen forest in Rangamati district.

  • The natural vegetation can be seen best in the RainKhyang valleys of the Bandarban district.

  • Fascinating life and living of the tribal people is great attraction, indeed.

  • Rangamati has beautiful landscape, scenic beauty, its flora and fauna, home-spun textile, bamboo handbags, flower vases and silver jewelleries and above all the tribal people themselves.

  • Tribal Museum, Bein Textile Factory and Sales Centre, Kalpataru, Ivory product shop, Hanging Bridge, Tribal village, Chakma Raj Bari (King's Palace), Weekly Hat (market) are worth visit.

  • To Kaptai is a pleasant and picturesque drive of 64 km. from Chittagong.
    Chandraghona is 48 km. from Chittagong towards Kaptai. Chandraghona has the biggest paper mill of Bangladesh.

  • Khagrachhari, a drive of 112 km. from Chittagong, is the district headquarters of Khagrachhari Hill District.

  • Bandarban is the home town of the Bohmong Chief who is the Head of the Mogh tribe.

  • Chimbuk Hill stands kissing the cloud, 25 km. to the south of Bandarban town.

  • Ruma, Keokeradong & Tajindong are great attractions in Bandarban area.

How to go

  • By air: Dhaka to Chittagong by air. Chittagong to Rangamati by road.

  • By road: Dhaka to Rangamati by road via Chittagong.

  • By train: Dhaka to Chittagong by train Chittagong to Rangamati by road.

  • By road: Chittagong to Bandarban. By Road :Chittagong to Khagrachhari.

Where to stay

Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation, National Tourism Organization has developed a number of facilities for the tourists at Parjatan Holiday Complex, Rangamati.



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