Why I’m not a gold fan

I have no real interest in the world’s gold standard and am not in favor of it becoming the standard of the future.However, I do think that the world needs a gold standard because there are some things that cannot be regulated in a system where a few powerful people […]

The best news stories of 2018

Hacking the entertainment wall: The top stories of 2017.The year was filled with the most newsworthy revelations and revelations of 2017, but there were also a lot of fun stories to tell.Read on to find out the top stories from 2017, including the most amazing revelations and the most interesting […]

‘Fazbear’s’ is going viral: It’s like having the world’s most popular animal

A new video has gone viral, with thousands of people using the phrase “I love fazbear” as they laugh at the animated characters.The video, created by “fazbears” user “theshadowsnake” is a mashup of popular animated series like “Futurama”, “Frozen”, “Sesame Street”, “Big Fish”, “The Simpsons” and “Bubba Gump”.“Fazbases” are a […]

How to find a better deal for movies in Las Vegas

Now Playing: How to book a movie in Las Venenos?Now Playing.Now Playing Video: What’s a free movie in Vegas?Now Listening to an exclusive interview with Las Vegas shooting victim’s mother, who is grieving over her son’s death Now Playing!Now Playing Disney launches Disney Springs: ‘It’s a place to connect, to […]

How the media has influenced our culture

The rise of branded entertainment networks has dramatically altered how we consume content.The media is now more involved in the creation of brand identities, which has led to a rise in the use of social media, which also means a rise of fake news, as well as online “trolls” who […]


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