How to keep an indoor space in the middle of Jerusalem city

Israel’s tallest entertainment center will open in the center of the capital on Monday, replacing the old Tel Aviv-area building that was demolished in 2014.

The Industrial Center, located in the heart of Jerusalem’s Old City, will feature a restaurant, bar and restaurant and bar with bar and bar service, a theater and a theater performance venue.

Its new owners have made it a focal point for the Israeli economy, with the company’s first major investment in the city in nearly three decades coming after the demolition of the Tel Aviv bar and the demolition in 2013 of the former Elie Elie nightclub.

It also owns a string of other properties, including the Jerusalem Center for the Arts, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, the Jerusalem Cultural Center and the Palestine Center for Education.

It is Israel’s second entertainment center after Tel Aviv, built in 1948, that was destroyed by Israel in 2014, after a violent protest over the city’s planned Jewish settlement.

The Tel Aviv Industrial Center was one of Israel’s first residential centers, opened in 1948 to accommodate a small population of Jewish settlers.

In 2006, it was built on the site of a former Jewish quarter, but in 2010 it was sold to the state, and a second building was built there.

The new building, designed by Herzog & Ilnick and the company called Bivat, will house a restaurant and a bar, along with a theater, theater performance and dance studio, as well as a theater club and a dance venue.

The building, which is a new addition to the city, will also house a bar and a restaurant.

The new structure will house four stages, the largest being a theater called the Givati Theater, which will be operated by the American company Broadway Musical Theater.

The bar and restaurants will also have a restaurant with bar service and a rooftop bar, and will also include a restaurant restaurant.

It will be the first of the Israeli entertainment centers to have a rooftop restaurant.

A video of the renovation is posted on YouTube.

The bar and its food will be served by a team of 10 Israeli cooks and six Palestinian chefs.

The Bar &amp.

Bar restaurant is a traditional Palestinian food that combines ingredients from local Palestinian bakeries and traditional Israeli ingredients.

It is also a popular dish in Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem and other parts of the occupied West Bank.

The Bar &amps Bar is part of a series of Israeli entertainment and cultural projects that Israel launched in 2016 to address a growing population of Arab Israelis who feel that their status in the country is declining.

The Israeli tourism industry is already booming, but the number of Israelis visiting the city has been falling in recent years, which has been attributed to the political turmoil that followed the 2014 Palestinian uprising.

The city’s population of about 9.4 million has decreased to about 9 million people in the last five years, according to Israel’s Ministry of Tourism.

Israel has also made major investments in its tourism industry, with major companies including Israel’s largest hotel chain, Marriott International, expanding its services in Israel and opening new hotels.

The country’s economy is also experiencing a decline in foreign investment, which some argue is driven by Israel’s policies in the Middle East.

A new report from the Institute for National Security Studies said that the number and quality of foreign investments in Israel has fallen by nearly 80 percent since 2012.