The Dawg: The Official Star Wars Fan Podcast #3

by The Globe and Mail title Dawgs on the Line: The official Star Wars fan podcast article by Matt Gourley, Matt Groom, Jason Osterman and Matt Buell article The Official Fan Podcast is back!

With guest hosts Matt Grooms, Jason Ostertag and Matt Ostermann, the Star Wars Podcast brings you exclusive episodes and updates, including a brand new episode on the Battle of Endor!

The official fan podcast is back for a third consecutive season!

This week, we’re joined by the incomparable Jason OstERTAG, a Star Wars nerd, podcaster and writer, as well as Star Wars expert and writer of the upcoming book Star Wars: The Force Awakens: A Guide to the Force Awakens.

This podcast will be the most comprehensive, up-to-date and complete look at all the big news, events and characters of Star Wars history, including the Battle Of Endor, the Clone Wars, and more.

Jason has been a frequent contributor to the podcast and we are looking forward to him continuing to bring you all the news and excitement from the Star War saga.

We also have guest host and Star Wars fanatic, Jason BUELL, who brings his unique perspective on all things Star Wars, from the films to the fan art to the comics to the books.

Jason will be breaking down all the latest Star Wars news, as seen on social media, live from the convention and more, with all the fan favorites you love and hate.

And, of course, the new Star Wars podcast features the most in-depth look at the Battle On Endor yet, with exclusive interviews from the Battle, including one from the original Rebel forces, General Jaina Solo.

The Battle is the culmination of the Rebellion’s last stand and the epic conclusion of the Clone War.

Listen in as Jason and Jason discuss what to expect in the final showdown between the Rebels and the Empire, as they look ahead to the battle of Endo.

The Rebels won, the Empire lost, and now it’s time to begin the new journey, with a new beginning for the Rebel Alliance.

Join us on the journey as the Rebels set their sights on the Death Star and their new home in the galaxy.

Stay tuned for more great Star Wars podcasts.

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