Why does Google have no plans to open up a new Googleplex?

When Google launched a new website for its search giant, it made it clear that it would not be creating a new headquarters for Google.

Instead, Google’s founders said they would be building a new office complex in Mountain View, California, and then starting a new company, Google X, that would focus on artificial intelligence, robotics, and cloud computing.

But Google X has since been scrapped, and Google has been operating a series of businesses that it says are focused on its own interests.

For instance, it has been exploring using virtual reality headsets to make its artificial intelligence software more realistic and flexible, and it has focused on the use of drones to deliver goods, instead of flying planes.

In addition, Google has a number of other business interests, like selling virtual reality services to universities and companies that make wearable devices.

So, why hasn’t Google built a new home for itself yet?

“There are lots of reasons,” said Greg Glassman, an analyst at Ovum.

“One is that Google isn’t a company that has a lot of money to burn.

It has been working on its search, but it doesn’t have a lot to show for it.”

Glassman pointed to Google’s “one-to-one” business relationship with Microsoft as a potential reason why it hasn’t opened up a Googleplex yet.

“It is not a very compelling company, but Google is very big,” he said.

“So if they don’t have the resources to invest in Googleplexes, they could be putting them on hold.”

Google is still likely to expand into a number other areas when it launches a new product in 2018, Glassman said.

For example, Glassmann believes that Google X may be focused on a range of technologies that are particularly useful to autonomous vehicles.

Google could also create new partnerships with other companies that could help it develop new technologies.

Google has already announced a number products that could benefit from its partnership with Amazon, for example.

In the past, Google did not have the same clout in developing new products for its cloud computing services that Amazon did, Glassmans said.

Google will also have to compete with Amazon in developing AI software for its self-driving cars, as Amazon has been the dominant player in that area.

“Google X is a very big undertaking,” Glassman noted.

“You’re talking a lot about how Google X is going to be a huge company.

There’s a lot going on.”

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