NFL star Tom Brady has a ‘super-sized’ wardrobe for his Super Bowl party

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will be decked out in the latest Super Bowl-themed fashion for the halftime show on Sunday.

On Monday, Brady and his wife, Gisele Bundchen, will host a private party at their home for guests to dress up in their favorite team’s uniform.

The event, set to start at 6 p.m., will feature a special halftime performance by the Patriots.

Brady and his fiancee, Gizele, will also wear a custom-made team-themed jersey for the event.

The Patriots have been known to host their special halftime show in-house at their homes.

The Patriots are set to play their first game of the new league year on Sunday, Jan. 3 against the Miami Dolphins.

The New England celebration is scheduled to last until midnight on Sunday night, when the teams will face off in the AFC Championship Game.

The event is also a chance for Brady and Bundchen to showcase the “Super Size Me” apparel they have recently released, which features “flashing” neon letters that resemble the Super Bowl ring.

Brackman and Bundchens will also be showing off their “Super-sized” wardrobe for the special halftime event, with a special display at the halftime event featuring the Patriots’ logo, helmet, and player jerseys.

The Super-sized fashion collection, which includes a variety of apparel, also includes T-shirts, pants, and jackets.