What’s the deal with Sony’s PlayStation Now streaming service?

The company recently launched PlayStation Now, which offers a live TV streaming service in select areas of its network of connected TV devices.

While that service is primarily intended for sports fans and premium TV subscribers, the PlayStation Now team has said it will be expanding the service to the rest of the network in the future.

Sony has confirmed to Polygon that its PlayStation Now service will eventually include “a variety of premium entertainment experiences” that it plans to bring to its smart TVs.

The PSN will become a streaming service for those devices, and Sony has indicated that the PS Now service could be used to stream content from PlayStation, PlayStation Now and PlayStation.

But as Polygon previously reported, Sony has said that the service will be “part of the home entertainment network, not the TV service.”

A PlayStation Plus subscription is also being added to the PlayStation Network, and the PSN and PlayStation Network will both be integrated into a unified platform called PlayStation Now.

There’s no word on when that service will roll out, or if the service itself will be integrated with any PlayStation devices.

We’ve reached out to Sony for comment.