How to get a good deal on DirecTV Now, DirecTSL Plus, Sling TV, HBO Now, Hulu Plus

A new report says the next big thing from Comcast and Time Warner Cable is DirecSTL Plus.

The $30-per-month package offers access to Direc TV, ESPN, HBO, HBO GO, TNT, and Hulu Plus.

This package comes in a package that includes HBO GO and HBO Now.

If you’re a cable subscriber, you can also get HBO Now at a $20-per, up to 4GB data cap.

Comcast will make this package available for $40 a month.

If you’ve been waiting to buy the package, here’s your chance.

Comcast has just sent out invites to Comcast and Verizon subscribers.

Both companies are offering the same package: $30 per month.

Comcast is giving customers who sign up to this deal a special promo code: TWITTER1.

If that code is applied to a credit card, it’ll give you $5 off your next bill.

This deal comes at a steep price: the $30 package will be available for two weeks.

This is the latest in a series of promotional deals that Comcast has been sending out over the last couple of weeks.

Comcast recently offered $35 off of $150, which was good until it expired at midnight on Monday.

A new promo code was also sent out this week, but only to Comcast subscribers.

This promo code gives you an extra 10 percent off of your next two bills, up from 10 percent for existing subscribers.

Comcast also sent you an email to remind you that you have a $15 credit on your account, which you can use for a $10 credit on any other Comcast bill.