How to Get the Latest on AMC Entertainment’s ‘The Walking Dead’: ‘They Are Going to Come’

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon, says his character’s return is “going to be very, very big.”

Reedus spoke with Variety about his character and what the show’s upcoming season will have in store.

Reedus: We’ll definitely see that Norman’s back.

We’re definitely going to see that he’s got some sort of power over people.

And we’ll see that, because the Walking Dead is such a big show, that they’re going to come.

And it will be really exciting, because he’s one of the most badass characters, so I think it’s going to be a big surprise.

How do you feel about Daryl Dixon’s return?

We’re very, quite excited to see him.

And I think that Daryl is going to make his return in the very, sort of the same way that he made his return and the character was just so strong, and so strong to the point where it’s like, oh, my God, he’s gonna be back.

I think we’re going, “Well, you’re gonna have to wait for another season to see who he is.”

Reeduss: I think he’s a little more vulnerable now, because of his new situation.

And the things that he did to get out of his cell, they’re so much harder now.

It’s not like, well, I’m going to sit in there, and just watch him go through the motions of just, “I need to eat.

I need to go get some food.”

It’s just so much more difficult.

I mean, it’s a lot easier now.

And they’re gonna come.

So I think, you know, it’ll be a really exciting season.

How much does Daryl Dixon get to play a bigger role?

Well, I think the big thing is, he is a big part of the group, but he’s not the leader.

And he’s just going to have to make up his own mind on who to go to war with, who to hang out with, and what to do.

And that’s a really big thing.

And so I don’t think Daryl is gonna be a leader.

I’m not gonna tell him what to be, and I’m gonna just tell him how to do it, and he’s going, like, OK, I can do that.

I know how to run a military, and it’s gonna work out great.

And you know what?

Daryl Dixon is gonna figure out that.

And hopefully he’ll figure out what’s really important to him, and then he can have a really, really interesting, really good relationship with the group.

What will Daryl’s relationship with Glenn be like when he’s back on the team?

Well that’s going do a lot for us.

We’ve seen him with Glenn and Glenn and Maggie, and now it’s time for them to be together again.

And to really be together as a team, it really is going be a wonderful time.

What is Daryl’s role on the show going to look like?

And that is a really good question.

Because I think if you’re looking at the future, the future is going.

And what we’re all looking at is, what is it that we do as an audience, as fans, what’s the direction we’re headed?

And I just think that’s what the fans are looking for.

And there are a lot of great questions that we have to ask about how we’re doing things.

But what I think I can tell you is that there are things that I can really tell you that the audience is really going to care about.

And at the same time, we’re gonna be very careful, but not too careful.

Because we’re also going to play with these big questions, and we’re trying to make sure that we really are exploring these big themes that people care about, but also things that we can take away from the fans that we want to do, and explore, and have fun with.

So that’s kind of the question that we’re really going, is what does this mean for you guys?

I think they’re excited about it.

They’re looking forward to it.

And if they don’t like it, that’s okay, that happens, and they’re able to move on.

And as a fan, I just want to say, thank you.

I just wanna say that I know the fans, and the fans have been great.

I’ve watched you guys on a regular basis, and you guys are a very special group of people.

So we’re excited to keep bringing you the content that we all love and we all are passionate about.

It’ll be great.