UK’s largest hotel chain is closing all its UK properties

London’s Royal Albert Hall is shutting down and the Royal Victoria is being converted into luxury apartments.

The city’s top hotel chain has announced it is closing three of its UK premises and is converting two of its hotel blocks to luxury apartments, according to the UK’s MailOnline.

Rosa Hotel Group Ltd., which owns more than 200 properties across the UK, said in a statement it will close the venues, the Palace of Westminster and the Albert Hall, after a review of its “risk profile” on Tuesday.

The London Evening Standard reported that the hotel chain said the Royal Albert and Palace of Holyrood Hall would also close in 2019.

The Royal Victoria, a popular London hotel, will close its doors in 2019 after its owners “undertake a significant review of their risk profile,” the paper said.

Roswell Group said in December it would shut down two of the company’s UK properties in 2018.

The company said it was shutting down two properties in May 2018 and would close the others by 2020.

The Palace of Windsor, which has hosted events including Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, was also being converted to luxury flats and will be converted to apartments.