Imagine Entertainment’s piano for Disney’s animated film ‘The Croods’ is going to be a piece of art

Imagine Entertainment has released a new video of its newly-designed pianos.

In the video, the company shows off its piano for The Croods, an animated film starring James Franco, with the help of artist Andy Wills.

The piano is made from anodized aluminum, but that didn’t stop Imagine from creating a replica for use in the film.

It features a metal body with a steel back, and it’s available for $1,800, the studio said.

It will be a new piece of music for James Franco and his cast of characters, which includes his wife, Jamie Foxx, who plays the title role.

The Crood Piano, which is currently available for preorder, will be made available for purchase in November.

The studio has made a point of not revealing the price of the piano in the past, but now it seems that the price has been announced for the piano, which the company is calling the “Ultimate Crood.”

If you’re wondering what this sounds like, here’s a preview:Imagine Entertainment’s Crood piano is available for up to $1.800 and is available in the November issue of Entertainment Weekly.