Why I’m not a gold fan

I have no real interest in the world’s gold standard and am not in favor of it becoming the standard of the future.

However, I do think that the world needs a gold standard because there are some things that cannot be regulated in a system where a few powerful people can control it.

If the world does not want to pay taxes, it should not have the power to impose that tax.

The world does have a strong interest in a global monetary system, and I don’t think it would be right for that system to be dominated by a handful of people.

I am not a believer in free markets, and in fact, I think it’s more of a threat to the stability of the global economy than a positive thing.

But I also don’t want to see a single country have control over the global monetary supply.

I think that is a very bad thing.

The United States, the most powerful nation in the free world, is a big producer of gold.

It does produce a fair amount of gold, but it is the biggest producer of its own currency.

In fact, it’s the biggest supplier of its currency to other countries.

So, the world is dependent on the United States to control its gold.

If it doesn’t, then it could become a dumping ground for gold, because it will not be able to control what other countries are buying or selling.

If other countries don’t like that, they will have the right to export their own gold, and then they will control what is produced by other countries, and that will be the system that will rule the world.

If we can have a gold-standard that is just as strong as the United Nations, then the world will be a safer place.

I don, however, believe that we should be the only nation that controls the global supply of gold and not allow other countries to buy and sell its currency.