How to save the day at Castle Rock Entertainment shelf

The entertainment world is abuzz today with a new Disney-branded shelf.

The shelf is located at Castle Square, a shopping center on the Disney side of the water, but the company is looking to bring Castle Rock and the surrounding area into the digital age.

According to Disney’s website, Castle Rock will become a new home for “a vibrant, diverse array of entertainment, including new live-action TV, animated TV, movies, sports, and entertainment series.”

In addition to the TV shows, the new product line is going to include new home video games, movies and digital-only apps.

The company is also partnering with major studios, like Marvel, Pixar and Warner Bros., to make the shelf accessible to consumers in the U.S.

The Castle Rock shelf will include a wide variety of entertainment options, including movies, live-TV, virtual reality and more.

Disney also is developing content for other Disney properties, like Frozen.

“We have a lot of new experiences and brands to explore, so the world is a lot more vibrant than it was a few years ago,” said David Wachtel, president and CEO of Castle Rock.

“As our stores become more and more digital, the world needs more opportunities for us to grow and deliver to more people in a more meaningful way.”

The Castle Square shelf will be available for a limited time starting July 8 and will be open to anyone who has an account with Castle Rock, Disney’s brand for Disney-owned entertainment businesses.

The products will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

In addition to movies and live-tv content, the company also is launching a line of interactive toys and games, which will include games for children of all ages.

The product line will include movies, TV shows and digital games, as well as live-work experiences like “Mulan” and “The Jungle Book.”

The shelves are also expected to attract Disney theme park enthusiasts, who may want to add Castle Rock to their vacation plans.

Wachtel said the new products and the Castle Rock retail center are part of a broader strategy to expand the company’s digital portfolio.

“We believe in the future of our businesses, so we are continuing to invest and expand our digital assets and capabilities,” he said.