‘Fazbear’s’ is going viral: It’s like having the world’s most popular animal

A new video has gone viral, with thousands of people using the phrase “I love fazbear” as they laugh at the animated characters.

The video, created by “fazbears” user “theshadowsnake” is a mashup of popular animated series like “Futurama”, “Frozen”, “Sesame Street”, “Big Fish”, “The Simpsons” and “Bubba Gump”.

“Fazbases” are a type of animal who are often seen in social media and video games.

A popular joke is that fazbats are the mascots of the faztastic brand KFC, which has a mascot that is a red and yellow stuffed animal with the phrase ‘F-ck KFC’ printed on it.

Fazbusters, a brand of the food giant McDonalds, has a “faze” mascot, which can be seen on its logo, which is yellow with a red “k”.

A similar animal, the Fazbear, is a stuffed animal that resembles a polar bear with the “F” printed on the end.KFC has not responded to the video.