What to expect in the world of The Great British Bands series

A new batch of films from the Great British bands, including The Great English and The Great Irish, have been shown at the UK box office, including the latest title from the original franchise.

The latest instalment of the series, The Great Bands: The First 50 Years, was released on Wednesday, December 3.

The film will be shown at cinemas across the UK until February 25.

Here’s what to expect on December 5. 

The films are: The Great English: Buck Rogers  (2017)  The Great Irish: Doreen Mullins (2018) The British Band: Billy Bragg (2017, 2018) Direen Mullens (2018, 2019)The Great British Band, as it has been known, is a series of British music-themed films, in which the British band acts as the subject matter of the films.

In the series it has always been about the bands, but in the past, they have also appeared as the storytellers themselves, often giving the stories of their own lives to their fans. 

This is the first time the franchise has been able to be seen in theatres and, if anything, it is likely to be a bit more commercial.

It is not clear yet how much the films will have to earn in order to get into cinemas, although the director of The British Band told the BBC that it is “a very small amount”. 

“We want to make sure we can be profitable and make money for the fans,” he said.

“But if we make it the money is enough.” 

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