The stars of the week: Nicky Byrne’s The Stars Of Tomorrow

A group of young Australian musicians have been honoured by Australian composer and performer Nicky Bennett with an induction into the Australian Philharmonic Orchestra.

The quartet formed in the 1970s and were awarded the Australian Academy of Music and the Australian National Philharmonists’ prize in 1976.

Their debut album, The Stars of Tomorrow, won the award for best Australian album and their follow-up album, A Walk in the Country, was released in 1980.

Bennett said the band’s music would be played at some of Australia’s most prestigious venues.

“They are incredibly creative musicians,” Bennett said.

“I have a very close relationship with Nicky and the whole group of them, they are incredibly talented.”

It will be played in every venue they perform in, whether it’s the Melbourne Opera House or the Sydney Opera House.”‘

It’s the greatest gift that God has given us’Bennett, now 87, said she was inspired by the work of the band after watching their video for ‘Wanted To Make Love’ in the early 1980s.”

When I heard it, I was so moved,” Bennett told News24.”

The song, I remember sitting in the studio with the musicians, and it just made me feel very proud of Australia, and we just want to give back.

“The quartets first performance was at the Melbourne Theatre in 1977.

Since then, the group has toured internationally, and won three Grammys.

Their latest album, Tear It Down, was published in 2015.”

We are always working on new things,” Bennett, who has lived in Melbourne for more than 40 years, said.

The stars of week: A Walk In The Country, the Australian band that won best Australian Album in 1976, was produced by Nicky & The Big Boys, the band behind the band ‘WANTED TO MAKE LOVE’ (1983).

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