Why are you not watching Fox News Entertainment Tonight?

Fox News Tonight is the #1 entertainment channel in America, and is the main source of news, opinion, entertainment, and news coverage for Americans in over 20 million homes.

Fox News has consistently won awards and Emmy Awards since 1995, including the 2009 Emmy for Outstanding Variety Special, the 2013 Golden Globe for Outstand Social Media for Best Social Media Feature and the 2016 Emmy for Best Variety Special for the latest installment of the series, Hannity and Colmes.

Fox Sports is a division of 21st Century Fox, and the Fox Sports Network has been the network’s No. 1 sports cable channel for over five decades.

The network was named the most valuable brand in the U.S. by Forbes Magazine in 2017, and Forbes has also named Fox News the most important media company in the United States since 2005.

In 2018, Fox News ranked first in the Nielsen Newsroom category for the most-watched cable channel, and was named one of the best 25 cable channels in the world by Forbes.

Fox’s coverage of the 2018 midterm elections, the first time Fox News aired on prime time since the 2016 elections, is a major moment in the cable news landscape.

In 2017, Fox Sports announced that it would be the first network in the history of American politics to air coverage of each congressional election on prime-time.

In 2019, Fox announced plans to air the 2018 general election coverage on its network as well, including coverage of a number of candidates, issues, and issues in Congress.

In 2021, Fox is the most viewed news network in America.

In 2022, Fox won the 2018 Emmy for the Outstanding Reality Program, and in 2021, FOX News won the Emmy for Most Innovative Newscast in America for its coverage of Donald Trump.

In 2020, Fox’s programming reached 1 billion people across platforms, with millions of Americans tuning in to Fox News every night.

In 2024, Fox was the first cable network to receive the coveted “Bud” designation from the Advertising Standards Board, and earned a Golden Globe nomination for Outloud’s Best News Program in 2019.

In 2025, Fox reported the most Emmy nominations in network history with four.

In 2026, Fox has been nominated for an Emmy for six Emmys, and for Outten’s Outstanding Television News program twice.

In fact, the network has won nine Emmy Awards in total since its inception in 1994, and has won eight Emmy Awards (including Outstanding Entertainment News) in total for a total of 13 Emmy Awards.

Fox has also won six Emmy Awards for Out-of-Home and Outstanding Coverage of Politics and Government.

Fox is a wholly owned subsidiary of 21 Inc. which owns and operates 21st century cable networks CNBC, CNBC Plus, CNBC Now, Fox Business Network, Fox Trade News, and Fox News International.