Why are so many of India’s biggest entertainment companies boycotting Sony?

India’s entertainment industry has been hit by a wave of boycotts and strikes from major players like Sony, Reliance Entertainment and Warner Music over alleged copyright infringements.

Sony’s Indian operations have been hit with a series of boycotters in recent months.

In August, Sony announced it was suspending its business in India, as the country has been under pressure from several companies including Reliance and Warner.

In September, Relias Entertainment Ltd said it was cancelling its annual business summit and cancelling all future business activities.

In January, Warner Music and Sony Music said they were severing their relationship over alleged alleged copyright violations.

The companies said they will be sharing information with regulators to investigate the allegations.

In March, Sony said it would end the licensing of its music to Indian music labels.

The company said it also would cut ties with Reliance Media and Reliance Communications, which had licenses to distribute music to India.