Comcast exec says he ‘can’t speak for other people’ in search of a better deal

Comcast’s chief executive says he’s “not sure” he can speak for people “who might have similar experiences” with Google and other online competitors, even if he was given access to those same data by the companies.

“I can’t speak to that,” Comcast chief executive Brian Roberts told analysts on a conference call Thursday.

“I can only speak to my own experiences.”

Roberts said he doesn’t believe he was granted access to Comcast’s customer information, and he doesn: He said he’s aware of Comcast customers who are frustrated that their information wasn’t given to Google.

He added that he “couldn’t speak on behalf of other people who might have the same experience.”

Roberts didn’t say when he first learned of Google and Comcast’s sharing of his data.

He also wouldn’t elaborate on why Comcast didn’t want the data.

Roberts told analysts that he doesn�t know why Comcast wasn�t given access.

Comcast doesn�s offer to buy Time Warner Cable was first reported by Bloomberg on Thursday.

Roberts didn�t say why he didn�T think Time Warner would be willing to sell to Comcast.

He said he was offered the data by Comcast, which didn�s offers to buy NBCUniversal were also reported by the news outlet.

Roberts declined to name the companies that offered the deals.

On Thursday, Roberts said Comcast is considering taking similar actions with other internet companies.

He said Comcast has �significant experience� in how it can partner with internet companies on a long-term basis.

He didn�te say when Comcast might do that.

On Wednesday, Comcast fired an employee who had been trying to get the company to make its data more accessible.

The person, who didn�ve worked on Comcast�s search results for about a year, was terminated in October, Comcast said.

The news came a day after Roberts told investors Comcast could be willing take a bigger risk in buying Time Warner, but wouldn�t do so if he didn’t like the deal.

Comcast was also interested in buying AOL and the Washington Post last year.

Roberts also said he�s not worried about competition from internet giants like Amazon.

He told investors in his conference call that he wouldn�ve liked to be able to compete with the Amazon and Google companies.

Comcast also bought Time Warner last year for $45 billion.

Roberts has been in charge of Comcast� first acquisition in nearly two years.

He is taking over after outgoing Chairman Brian Roberts retired.