The biggest tech companies are worth more than £1bn – according to PPP

The world’s biggest tech stocks have doubled in value in the past year, according to a new research report from PPP, with the top 10 listed companies holding a combined market capitalisation of more than $1.4 trillion.

Key points:Pep Entertainment, a US-based company, is the biggest listed technology company in the world and has a market capitalization of more $1bn, PPP saidIn a report released on Wednesday, the company’s valuation is a record-high for the group, with its market capitalised at $1,873bn in May 2018.

Pep’s valuation was also higher than the average of the group’s peers, which is the benchmark of valuations.

The company’s stock has soared from $8.35 in March 2018 to $16.10 in March 2019.

The company is based in New York, where it was founded by David Einhorn and Paul Ostrovsky.

Pipeline companies have also grown in value over the past few years, with Google and Netflix topping the list of the most valuable companies.

But PPP says the growth of technology companies in the US and UK is far greater than the growth in the rest of the world.

“Pep has become a global player with an estimated value of $1 billion, compared to a global valuation of just $300 million in 2020,” said PPP CEO and author David S. Siegel.

“The US alone accounts for $1 trillion of the $1 Trillion global market, and the UK alone accounts with an $11.5 trillion market cap.”

In 2020 alone, Pep is worth $1B.

The group has more than doubled its value since 2018.

“Pep also has a strong presence in Europe, as its business in Ireland, the UK and Germany.”

With its global presence and scale, PEP is positioned to become a dominant player in the entertainment, digital and media sectors of the global economy,” PPP’s Siegel said.”

We believe that this is not a bubble, but a realisation of the importance of technology and the globalised future it promises.”PEP said the firm had grown its revenue and profit from the sale of software and the sale and leasing of hardware to support its growth, as well as its digital content and advertising businesses.