How to create a good African-themed music video

By now, you’ve probably heard of the #MakeItGreat campaign, in which African artists are encouraged to upload videos that reflect the continent’s culture, and that in turn has been used to raise awareness about diversity and cultural awareness in Africa.

The #MakeTheBest campaign also encourages people to make videos that speak about the challenges facing people of color in the world, in hopes of inspiring them to think critically about their own place in the wider world.

The video above from the Nigerian artist Muna Yuki shows her work as a Nigerian-American working in the entertainment industry, and the message is clear.

She is not interested in creating a stereotypical image of the African-American female in order to please the white audience, but rather to challenge them to see things from their point of view.

Here are 10 other #MakeItsGreat videos that show people of colour in a positive light.1.

This #MakeMeAfrica Music Video by Kiko is one of the most popular, and certainly one of my favorite #MakeitsGreat videos.

This video from Kenya is a celebration of the power of culture and the power that African people have to be themselves, and Kiko’s lyrics are filled with love and humor.

The music in this video is a beautiful blend of traditional African music, contemporary pop, and modern hip hop.

It is an absolutely incredible song, and this video really speaks to the love of music in the African diaspora.2.

#MakeitGreat is an incredibly popular hashtag among African-Americans, and is one that I use frequently.

The hashtag is used to highlight how important it is to support, and encourage, African- Americans to take part in the #makeitgreat campaign.

This is a video by the musician Jules Johnson, who also happens to be African- American, and he uses the hashtag to share his love of the music and culture of his African country.

His lyrics are very uplifting and uplifting, and they are very much representative of African culture and music in general.

This song is perfect for African-americans of all ethnicities to celebrate their love of Africa.3.

#mahala is a viral video about the plight of women in Africa and how they are being ignored.

This viral video was created by the singer-songwriter Toni Pinya and was a response to a #MakeHerGreat hashtag campaign that began in May of 2016.

The song is a love song that celebrates the importance of women and women’s role in the modern world, and in particular, the role of women who are African.

Toni’s lyrics highlight the importance and power of women as leaders and leaders of their communities, and she is a woman who has worked as a music producer and songwriter for many years.

I am so excited that she is collaborating with her friend Tania Muthoni on this song.4.

The #MakeMyLifeGreat video series by Aisha, a singer and actress, has been a hit for me.

I can’t say enough about how powerful this video series is, and how powerful it is for a woman to have her voice heard.

In addition to sharing the joys of music and inspiring others, Aisha’s video series also shows a positive perspective on the challenges that women of color face, and her message is about empowering women in all walks of life.5.

#LoveisForBlackGirls is a #makeitsgreat video series that is about encouraging African- African- and non-African-American women to be open and positive about their love and the love that they have for each other.

This hashtag is being used to show African-women how to be self-aware and proud of their love for each others and to be proud of the work that African-Women have been doing to be more positive in the eyes of society.

This particular #Makemylifegreat video is about a young African-woman who is sharing her love for her African-born family, and shows her pride and respect for her own family and her culture.

It shows that a woman can love her African roots and still be a proud African- woman, and be proud that she has the power to inspire others.6.

#makemylife great is a series of videos that celebrates African-African women, celebrating their creativity and their contributions to society.

The videos are created by singer-writer Nnaji Al-Dhafari, who has been featured in many popular music videos, including #MakeThatGreat.

Nnami is a creative force, and as such, she is often featured in #MakeYourLifeGreat videos and has been nominated for numerous awards for her videos.

#NnajiAlDhaffari is an inspiration for African women everywhere.


#MyBeautifulCountry has been one of many #MakeWeGreat videos, created by @taylorslavenas.

I feel like the videos are so empowering because they give women the tools to be bold and to