What’s happening at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference? Here’s what’s happening now

It was an epic night of entertainment at the CPAC conference, with the Conservative Political Academy taking the stage to sing “We Shall Overcome” and then a “We Are the Champions” rendition.

It was a celebration of all that’s right and just about everything that the Republican Party stands for, from immigration reform to gun rights.

But the night ended with some more controversy, as CPAC decided to hold an award ceremony for Donald Trump.

The event was supposed to be an all-star affair, but instead, a handful of speakers appeared and the whole thing fell apart.

The night was a spectacle.

The stars, of course, were the two speakers, Donald Trump and Sarah Palin, but the rest of the audience was the same.

There was no controversy.

There were just the two of them.

It seemed that there was only one audience member, and that was the one who was allowed to speak, and the audience cheered loudly and repeatedly.

In other words, the audience went wild and it was a good time.

This was a conservative political event, and if you’re going to celebrate conservative values, you should be able to have fun with them.

However, in a year where Republicans have been trying to distance themselves from the Trump phenomenon and instead of embracing it, it seems that the crowd was not going to let the CPAA award ceremony go unnoticed.

And the media is now saying that the event was a fiasco and that the CPAs leadership didn’t even bother to make a formal statement, instead just handing out awards.

This was a huge failure.

The Conservative Political Leadership Awards should be a big moment for conservatives, and CPAC should be one of the most important events of the year.

But instead, they went off the rails, and this time, the GOP was forced to respond.

The CPAC Awards should not be held at a convention, especially one as huge as this one, in which conservative speakers were supposed to represent the entire country, not just one state.

They should be held on a Friday night, at the earliest, and should have an award for “Best in Show” and “Best Speech.”

But instead of the usual “We’re All In This Together” speech, there was one of those “We are the Champions!” speeches.

There were also a lot of other awards that were given out.

There are some awards for “The Next Great American,” for example, which are really for the next generation.

There’s also one for “For the People” for “the People” or “For The People” in general.

And of course there’s one for CPAC’s “Awards to Honor Excellence,” which has nothing to do with conservatism.

It’s just for excellence in presenting ideas and ideas that are not necessarily about conservatives or the Republican party.

So if you think that CPAC was the best event of the night, then think again.

This is just one big joke.

This event is not an event to celebrate conservatism.

And when it comes to this year’s CPAC, there’s no room for jokes.

It is a mockery of the GOP, a parody of conservative values and a mockery to the American people.