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SMS Symbols

4YEOfor your eyes onlyIMPOVin my point of view
2Dto deleteIOWin other words
2G4Ytoo good for youIRLin real life
4EforeverIWALUI will always love you
AAKasleep at keyboardJ4Fjust for fun
AFAIKas far as I knowJ4Ijust for information
AFKaway from keyboardJADjust another day
ASAPas soon as possibleJAMjust a minute
ATalways tomorrowJASjust a second
ATWat the weekendJKjust kidding
AWHFYAre we having fun yet?JMOjust my opinion
AYORat your own riscJ2LYKjust to let you know
bgbig grinKC keep cool
BBBbye bye babyKITkeep in touch
BB4Ebye bye foreverKMSkilling me softly
BBFNbye bye for nowL8Rlater
BBLbe back laterLGlovely greetings
BBNbye bye nowLHMLord help me
BBSbe back soonLHULord help us
BCDHMbe careful, don't hurt meLL&PLive long and prosper!
BFboy-friendLMHOlaughing my head off
BHblockheadLOLlots of laughing/lots of love
BIONbelieve it or notLSHlaughing so hard
BMHWBbe my hot-water bottleLSHMBHlaughing so hard my belly hurts
BNSCDbut now something completely diff.LTMlaughing to myself
BRBbe right backLTNSlong time no see
BTWby the wayLUTAlet us talk again
BWLbursting with laughterLYWAMHlove you with all my heart
C&Gchuckle and grinLYlove you
CBCiao Bella/belloMCMerry Christmas
CIBMCould it be magic?MCAAHNYM.Christmas and a happy new year
CIDcrying in disgraceMCIBTYmy computer is better than yours
CMcall meMGmany greetings
CMMchange(d) my mindMMmail me
CONPcontinued on next pageMTFmore to follow
COFRcry out for revengeMUmiss you
CPchat postN4Enever forever
CPFCan pigs fly?NAno access
CSGchuckle, snicker, grinNALOPKTnot a lot of people know that
CUsee youNCno comment
CUIALsee you in another lifeNESnever ending story
CULsee you laterNNnothing new
CUTsee you tomorrowNPno problem
DAEdreams are emptyNRNno reply necessary
DAKdead at keyboardNSNnever say never
DKdon't knowNTno trust
DLTBBBdon't let the bed bugs biteNUneed you
DLMBMdon't let me be misunderstoodNWOno way out
DLYVMdon't like you very muchO4Uonly for you
DOMdirty old manOICoh, I see
DPWMdon't play with meOLOl' Lady (wife)
DTRTdo the right thingOMOl' Man (husband)
DURDo you remember?OOSOOMout of sight, out of mind
DYSWISdo you see what I seeOTOHon the other hand
DWBHdon't worry be happyOTTOMHoff the top of my head
DWIMdo what I meanPCprivate chat
E2EGear to ear grinPDSPlease, don't shoot!
EMSGE-mail MessagePMprivate message
EODend of discussionPMFJIpardon me for jumping in
EOLend of lecturePMIGBOMput mind in gear before opening mouth
F2Fface to facePOAHFput on a happy face
FDROFfalling down, rolling on the floorPOOFleft the chat room in a puff of smoke
FLCHfeel like coming homeQSLreply
FMMfreshen my mindQSOconversation
FOACfall over and cryQTQ-Tip/cutie
FOTCLfalling off the chair laughingRLreal life
FOTKLfalling on the keyboard laughingRLADread, love and die
FTLfaster than lightROTFLrolling on the floor laughing
FTBOMHfrom the bottom of my heartROTFUTSrolling on the floor unable to speak
FUDfear, uncertainty and doubtROTFWTIME rolling on the floor + tears in my eyes
FWIWfor what it's worthRUOK Are you ok?
FYAfor your amusementSCstay cool
FYEfor your entertainmentSFE2Esmiling from ear to ear
FYIfor your informationSNERTsnot-nosed egotistical rude teenager
<g>grinSNUsender needs you
GAgo aheadSOsignificant other
GAGAgo amused, go amazedSOLsooner or later
GALget a lifeSOTshort of time
GFgirl-friendSOTMGshort of time must go
GFNgone for nowSWAKsealed with a kiss
GIGOgarbage in, garbage outSWLscreaming with laughter
GLGHgood luck and good huntingSYSsee you soon
GLIWgot lost in webTAthanks again
GMBAgiggling my butt offTACtimes are changing
GMTAgreat minds think alikeTAFthat's all folks
GOKGod only knowsTILIItell it like it is
GOOMLget out of my lifeTIMEtears in my eyes
GOWIget on with itTMStouch my soul
GTSYglad to see youTNTtill next time
H2SYShope to see you soonTOYthinking of you
H&Khugs and kissesTPturn pale
HABUhave a better un'TTtill tomorrow
HBhappy birthdayT2YLtalk to you later
HB2Uhappy birthday to youTUVMthank you very much
HAGNhave a good nightUADyou are drunk
HANDhave a nice dayUBDuser brain damage
HANThave a nice timeUMMCyou make me crazy
HFhave funUMMLyou make me laugh
HHIShanging head in shameUNASTyou need a special training
HSIKhow should I knowVBGvery big grin
HTHhope that helpsW4Uwaiting for you
HUMMhope you miss meWBwelcome back
IACin any caseWTwithout thinking
ICI seeWTHWho the heck?/What the hell?
IGTPI got the powerWUWHwish you were here
IHAI hate abbreviationsY!typically male
IHUI hate youYAFIYGIyou ask for it, you got it
IITRTit is the right timeYBLYou'll be sorry!
IKUI kill youYGyoung gentleman
ILUI love youYLyoung lady
IMOin my opinionYM young man