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SMS Dictionary

X! Typical Woman
(-:Also smiling
:)Smiling without a nose
:' )Happy and crying
:-( )Smiling with mouth open
8-)Smiling with glasses
[:-)Smiling with walkman
:-)8Smiling with bow tie
{:-)Smiling with hair
d:-)Smiling with cap
C|:-)Smiling with top hat
(:-)Smiling with helmet
:-)=Smiling with a beard
&:-)Smiling with curls
#:-)Smiling with a fur hat
;)Twinkle, without nose
@}-\-,--A rose
:(Sad, without nose
>:-(Very angry
O :-)An angel
:-INo face/poker face
%-6Not very clever
:-( )Shocked
:-~)Having a cold
: @Shouting
:-XNot saying a word
:-wTalking with two tongues
B:-)Sunglasses on head
}:-(Toupee blowing in the wind
=|:-)=Uncle Sam
<:-|Monk / Nun
:^)Broken nose
@:-)Using a turban
:=)Two noses
:-{)With a moustache
:-{}Lip stick
:-?Smoking a pipe