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Your Nokia phone will normally display the name of the Network to which you are connected on the screen at all times. With the Operator Graphic service your phone can be sent a graphic to display instead of this normal text. This allows you to identify your phone at a glance. Your phone will display "Operator Graphic received". Select "Options" and "View" to see the image, then "Save" to store the image on your phone. From now on, your phone will display this graphic.
If you download an operator logo and save it on your Nokia phone it is not possible to revert back to their original logo without a special message being sent to the phone.  NOTE: This reset option does not work with the Nokia 7110.
Once the picture message has arrived on your mobile phone, a message will be displayed on the phone screen saying "New Picture Message" or "New Operator Graphic". You can either save this directly to your phone (press options save) or if you prefer it is possible to view the picture message first (press options view).

The operator logos replace the existing name that was on your phone. If your phone is in an area of bad coverage or is out of coverage completely the new logo will temporarily disappear. Once you come back into coverage your logo should re-appear.
Another reason for a logo not to be shown on the screen is if you are "roaming" on an overseas network. Because the logo contains a special code that associates it with the home network that you phone is connected to, it will only be displayed when you are using that network.

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You can upload the logos to your mobile by using  Nokia Logo Manager

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