Living together is a really big step in a relationship and is a sign of commitment from both parties involved. The effects and consequences of making the move are difficult to predict as every situation is different. Whether living together is right for your relationship will depend on how you view the situation and what you are willing to sacrifice.

The Pros

The great thing about moving in together is that you can "test the waters" for marriage. If everything is still well after living together for a while, and you have accepted this person's routines and habits, this experience will add to the foundation of the new marriage if that were to happen down the road.

You can both use this opportunity to really get to know your partner, specifically, their bad habits and undesirable qualities that may have lay dormant before living together. There may be something about their habits at home that strikes a pet peeve of yours. It is better to discover these things now rather than after marriage, as it is much easier to get out of a living situation than a marriage if the unfortunate case may arise.

The main argument of the opposition to moving in is that it takes away all the excitement when you do decide to get married. It just defeats the purpose of your whole marriage altogether and gives you nothing to look forward to.

What may also end up happening is that one person may become far too comfortable with the situation while the other is left wondering if the marriage will ever happen.

Then there is always the religion aspect of things. A man and a woman are not meant to be sexually active before a marriage. And let's face it, living together and sharing the same bed may make this rule a bit difficult to adhere to.