Commitment is a traditionally notorious word among men, even though we crave it just as much as women. Nothing in the world compares to living with the person you love, to knowing that youíll always have someone in your corner. Yet too many men express fear of commitment, and women have dealt with this frustration for generations.

So how do you know if your boyfriend has commitment issues? Here are eight of the most common red flags for commitment issues.

1. He wonít stay over. Men who have commitment issues rarely will spend the night because that betrays commitment. Instead, heíll slink out of bed after sex, get dressed, and go home to his own apartment or house. Likewise, he wonít ask you to stay over at his place.

2. He wont talk about the relationship. Men who donít fear commitment have no problem with discussing the direction and intensity of relationship. Conversely, men who have commitment issues will shy away from that discussion, no matter what the consequences.

3. He is open about his interest in other women. Almost as if proud of their commitment issues, men who donít want to commit will openly discuss women they find attractive. They might also leave womenís phone numbers where youíre likely to find them, or even casually mention having a date with another woman.

4. He flinches at the word marriage. Men with commitment issues wonít discuss marriage, and might even break out into a cold sweat at its mention.

5. He wonít introduce you to his friends. Men sometimes feel that putting their friends with their girlfriends is akin to relationship suicide, but typically, men who wonít introduce you simply donít feel that youíll be around long enough for it to matter.

6. He wonít meet your friends. Men who have commitment issues want to keep the relationship as private as possible. They fear getting too close, which can certainly mean commitment, so theyíll only want to get together when itís just you and him.

7. He wants to stay in a lot. Men who base relationships on sex, and sex alone, will want to stay in rather than go out. They donít want to introduce you to friends, and they donít really want to be seen together. This is a big red flag for commitment issues.

8. He wonít talk about the future. Commitment issues keep a man from wanting to discuss the future: next month, next week, or even tomorrow night! They like to live by the moment and donít want to count on the fact that youíll be around tomorrow.