A kiss is the most basic, yet most important step some say it's even more meaningful than sex to expressing feelings of affection between a man and a woman. Since it is the most fundamental aspect of a physical relationship, it is essential that men learn the necessary etiquette when it comes to kissing.

So, what is there to learn about how to impress your woman?

Do not Let Your Feelings Overtake You

There is a saying that a man loses his senses after four drinks and a woman loses hers after four kisses. For women, creating a perfect mood for a kiss is just as important, if not more, as the perfect kiss. Men are less concerned about the mood as they are concerned about the actual kiss. That's why so many men make the most horrendous mistake of forcing themselves into their respectful lady to satisfy their desire and to express their love. If you are truly serious about the perfect kiss, then create the perfect mood first.

Do not Rush

As mentioned above, men are often led into thinking that masculinity strength, forcefulness, abruptness is what makes them man. Women may be weaker than men in terms of physical strength, but when they are determined that they will not give in, no man can force them into kissing.

If you force your way into kissing, assuming that she, too, is ready and is craving for it when in fact she is not, you risk turning her off. Don't rush and study her carefully. Listen to what she says and watch how she moves until you know it's the right time.

Watch Your Tongue

You love her desperately, but there is no sign of such level of affection on her part. First, create the perfect mood for the kiss. Second, target her tongue. Women are especially sensitive to a French kiss and when she feels the touch of your tongue with her own, she feels that she has given something so meaningful and valuable to you.

At that moment, your tongue can mean the world to her. There is no way that she cannot fall in love with you.

Give Her a Chance

You will never succeed in kissing when it is a one way play. There must be this subtle game of give and take, which makes it all the more sweet and mesmerizing. If you want to enjoy this game, give her a chance to enter the game.

If you put your tongue inside her mouth and stay there without knowing what to do like a child lost in amusement park she feels the sudden urge to take over the game.


Strength is not the only thing that gives pleasure. You must be soft and gentle when you kiss. Men often make the mistake of giving into their own feelings all too easily when they kiss, thereby making woman feel like something is being forced into her.

Be gentle and always watch how she is reacting. Always control your tempo.

Close Your Eyes

It's not a rule, but you should always close your eyes when you kiss. When you leave your eyes open, you lose concentration and you might be led into thinking about other things, which she will eventually notice. Besides, wouldn't you naturally close your eyes when you kiss?

Fresh Breath

Now matter how much she loves you, you are an immediate turnoff when she is met by stinky breath at what is supposed to be a very romantic and memorable moment. Always carry mouthwash or gum strawberry candy is also good for the perfect moment.

Be Comfortable With Your Hands

If it's your first kiss with her, you are very likely to be awkward with your posture while you are kissing. The most natural way is to put your hands around her waist or her back.

practice makes perfect

So you've met the perfect moment and all you need to do is to turn those few minutes into an eternity for both her and yourself. We've all dreamed of our first kiss and imagined how it's going to feel, and most of us have already put that into a test.

For those who have not yet experienced the magic of a first kiss, keep in mind that the aforementioned advice is a definite asset.