It’s tough to make an impression. In a nightclub, it can feel sleazy; on a date, it’s hard to avoid awkwardness. So what can men to do to turn women on and leave them lustfully craving more? Here are of 5 ideas that only a woman with ice in her veins could ignore.

Bold Banter

What I Mean: A little playful teasing can be the hugest turn on. Women don’t like to be agreed with about everything we say (no matter what you’ve heard!).

Why It Works: Some titilating but harmless arguing allows the man to push the woman’s buttons and vice versa. The power struggle heats up the sexual tension and draws you two together. I mean, what’s more intimate than a lovers' quarrel?

A word of warning, there is a big difference between teasing a woman about being lost in your eyes and about her weight. Don’t be a jerk, just don’t be a pushover either.

Women say they hate to be told what to do, but it can actually be quite arousing. It’s a sexy challenge. You tell her she’ll be tearing your clothes off later, she can’t help but picture that image – even if she denies it. You think the lady doth protest too much? Most likely.

Lingering Looks

What I Mean: If there is some sort of group dynamic, or if you are dancing together, and you glance her way and just hold this gaze – shivers. Eyes say a lot and really sexy men know exactly how to put what they are thinking out there.

Why It Works: It makes her feel like she is the only woman in the room. It is so hot to feel someone’s eyes on you when you know what they are thinking. Again, the sexual tension is kicked up big time.

From one look, you could leave her dying inside wondering and waiting for what the two of you can do when you actually are alone.

Masculine Manners

What I Mean: Who would think politeness could be an aphrodisiac? But take my word for it, holding doors, pulling out chairs, compliments – even if she laughs them off, she’s impressed.

Why It Works: It’s rare to be treated with respect and like a lady these days! The reason it’s so sexy is because it really calls attention to your roles as men and women. Like Ron Burgundy said to his date: “You be a woman. I’ll be a man”.

For whatever reason, calling attention to the obvious can be really hot. And all this gentle courtship is really so you can impress her right? So while the man is acting like he’s in charge, the woman gets to feel like she is calling the shots. Not to mention the sexy contradiction of all this gentlemanly gallantry with whatever sinful thoughts might be going on in your minds.

Subtle Strokes

What I Mean: Women are fondled unnecessarily on pretty much a daily basis so if we’re out on a date and there is more groping to contend with, that is a huge turn off.

Try a different approach. The old “reverse pyschology” works pretty well in this area. A man who can really hold back and just lightly brush her hair off her shoulder or softly caress her leg is going to find himself with a woman wanting more, more, more.

Why It Works: It’s a clear case of wanting what you can’t have. Being out with a guy who is not doing all about bumping and grinding can be a refreshing but strangely frustrating experience.

The less you touch her, the more she will want it! Especially when teased with a gentle hand on hers or a slight brush of her leg. She will tremble and sensual thoughts will be hard to escape.

Whispered Words

What I Mean: Tell her she’s beautiful, tell her she turns you on – quietly. This too makes her feel like you are the only ones in the room. It’s especially sexy if you do it when there are a ton of people around and there’s no real way for her to respond.

Why It Works: All this pent up sexual tension will leave her ready to explode. Women are auditory creatures and hearing your naughty little thoughts will leave us so shaken we won’t be able to concentrate on anything else.

Words are powerful and as long as you don’t overdo it with porno type cheesiness, she’ll be unable to resist your steamy suggestions. Even a simple “I want to kiss you right now” will cause a rush of desire – if she wasn’t thinking about sex before, there’s no chance she’s ignoring that tantalizing tidbit.