Dating Secrets :

How To Date An Aries Female March 21 - April 20 - Aries

If you are dating an Aries female, take her out to the shooting range.
Bring an extra gun for her to shoot with you. (She is capable of
shooting at you, if you rile her anger.) Wear tight jeans, a red shirt
and look manly. Pick her up on your Harley Davidson , but remind her
you have a private race car collection. Be Macho! Do not talk about
old girlfriends! Aries females must be the only "one". Cooking isn't
her goal in life, but adventure will get her attention! Don't be a
pushover, she'll lose interest, and look for another challenge. Tell
her she is really cool, and the most fun and exciting woman you were
ever with. (This will probably not be a lie.) She values honesty,
don't fabricate! Be careful though, if this Aries female really likes
you, she'll chase you until she can propose to you. Aries females
means business and are not recommended for timid men!

How To Date An Aries Male March 21 - April 20 - Aries

If you are dating an Aries male, allow him to decide where to go
and what to do. Let him know that you have never dated a man
with such confidence and brains. You can be the dumb blonde
with this guy, he'll save you. If you are out with him and you flirt
with someone else, be prepared to call a cab to get home. Aries males
do like skin and cleavage, therefore, you could win him back. It will
not work a second time. He can argue with you,and when you think you
have won, he will still do it his way. He wants to chase you, so let
him do the calling and guesswork. Don't tell him you love him, until
he proposes. To catch this hot-blooded Aries man, give the Ram his
head and follow his lead. Everyday is an adventure to an Aries male,
marriage is also. Rest up!

How To Date A Taurus Female April 21 - May 21 - Taurus

If you are dating a Taurus female, take her to an expensive steak
house, rub on your soft musk, wear your corporate suit, and arrive in
your four-door sedan. If it is paid for, you may drop that subtlety in
your conversation during dinner. Taurus females prefer tender hugs and
quiet candlelight dinners at home, prepared by you. She'll return the
love by cooking for you at her home. When mentioning the house you
would like to build, make sure you tell her about the large wooded
lot with room for kids and dogs. If you are serious about her, let her
know that it wouldn't be complete without a woman's touch. She will
interpret your comment and hint about a cute little 20 carat diamond
she spotted at the mall. Taurus females are warm and loving! (Unless
you make her mad or jealous. Don't tell her you spent your rent money
to buy drugs.) Taurus Females are security minded, and will stick by

How To Date A Taurus Male April 21 - May 21 - Taurus

If you are dating a Taurus male, be prepared to watch lots of
movies at his home. His dog will eventually accept the two of
you being together. A real treat will be when he takes you out
to dinner to a four star restaurant. Taurus males will think you
look great in forest green, however, they like nudity above all.
Taurus males have the cuddly teddy bear approach to love.
He will certainly have his arm around you, during the movies.
If you want to win his heart, get him a cold beer without him
asking you. He will of course, apologize for his messy home.
He would know he had your love, if you surprised him by
cleaning it up, and making the chili when he entertains his
friends for Monday night football. He likes to take his own
sweet time, so don't push him. He is the marrying kind.
Visualize Mr. Taurus, watching television from his recliner, dog
at his feet, a child under under each arm, complete with TV guide and
beer can pyramid.

How To Date A Gemini Female May 22 - June21 - Gemini

If you are dating a Gemini female, arrive on your mountain bike
built for two. Ask her if she would like to ride over to the bar, and
shoot a game of pool, because a lot of your buddies hang out there and
they are fun! If that doesn't work, then suggest skating, a coffee
house, or hanging out at the bookstore. Wear casual clothes and be
prepared to talk a lot. Talk about the fascinating people you know,
the intellectual types preferably. Tell her about the book you are
going to write. Have some original thoughts and be inventive.
Creativity ranks high on your Gemini females list. You'll never know
what she is thinking. She is full of surprises. You can take her to
the neighborhood dive bar, or to the Governor's Ball. She won't
embarrass you. You can find out what she really thinks of you by
locating her journal, where all her secrets are kept. Gemini females
are not tidy, so it should be lying around in plain sight. There's
lots of time before an engagement ring is necessary. Gemini females
have to fall in lo ve with your brain first!

How To Date A Gemini Male May 22 - June21 - Gemini

If you are dating a Gemini male, you can expect him to stand you
up on your first date, but if you are lucky, he will call, say he is
running late, and that the plans for the date have changed. Bring an
overnight bag, he can get carried away and forget that you need to go
home. He will have the cutest twinkling eyes, and you will forgive
him. He will slightly ignore you in public, as he always knows
everyone, wherever he takes you, and speaks to each one. Somehow,

can't picture him in a tuxedo, going down the aisle. Gemini males
won't call you everyday. Gemini men are witty, fun, and can play,
play, and play! These men thrive in occupations where they can meet
the public, and talk. Gemini males are great as disc jockeys. If you
want to catch this guy, don't lean on him, don't get pregnant, or talk
marriage. Be a challenge, do your own thing and let your Gemini male
chase you. It's ok to date others.

How To Date A Cancer Female June 22 - July 22 - Cancer

If you are dating a Cancer female, dine out for pizza, and
afterwards take her to Baskin Robbins. Be sure to call her mother and
check on the kids. She'll think you are really a nice guy. Dress
casual, and drive a suburban, or mini-van. It's ok, if you got the
kids from your last divorce, that won't stop her from dating you.
Offer to barbecue at her house and compliment her cooking. (That way
you get to come back for more.) Bring the family with you, Cancer
females can take it. Cancer females are very sensitive about
everything near and dear to them. Never say bad things about her
family members-ever! They do possess humor. Pay attention to all her
handmade quilts and home crafts. Cancer women are great homemakers.
Let her know you like women with a "little meat" on their bones. (They
taste everything they cook...yummy!) If you are not marriage minded,
don't play games with Cancer women.

How To Date A Cancer Male June 22 - July 22 - Cancer

If you are dating a Cancer male, be prepared to go to swap
meets, and garage sales. Of course, he will take you out to eat,
at least on your first date. He is pretty thrifty, so be sure you have
a little stash of tip money in your purse. Of course, if you want to
pay for your own, that would be fine. Just be yourself around him.
Looks aren't that important to Cancer males, but do know some fabulous
recipes! Talk about your love of children. Display an interest in his
hobbies. Don't go into his garage, it will take the rest of the
century to go through all of his bargains and collectables. Your
Cancer man will be dating just you, and possibly his ex-wife. He is
extremely stable, and loves to eat. If you think you need to diet, he
won't. He loves chesty women! You will receive flowers from him, out
of his garden, naturally. He will remember all the holidays and treat
you well. Tell him all your funny stories, he likes to laugh. It's ok,
to say you are pro marriage and to openly discuss it. He's there for
you. He knows how to treat women, afterall, his best friend is his
mother. When you marry a Cancer man, you get them both!

How To Date A Leo Female July 23 - August 22 - Leo

If you are dating a Leo female, take her to the movies, a concert, a
broadway show, a plush restaurant. Getting the picture? She wants to
be seen out with you. If men notice her, she will love that. If you
don't act a little jealous, she will try harder to make you so. She
thinks jealousy is a compliment. Bring her flowers, wear your gold
chains, and wear something that shows off those muscles you worked so
hard to get. That will excite her. Don't forget to splash on your
Giorgio cologne. Tell her how much you love redheads, and ask her if
all that gorgeous hair is hers? (If she isn't a redhead, then switch
to blondes, or dark hair, but don't forget this.) Compliment her
constantly, and drive something sporty to show her off. A convertible
would be nice. Leo gals will get you noticed! When she disappears on
your dates, she is merely primping in the ladies room. Be willing to
fight for your Leo female, but don't take any crap from her. She can
start fights over nothing. Be prepared. You had better love her cats
too! She doesn't care if you are well read or educated, but do be
suave, polished and act like you know what you are doing. She will
marry you, but be prepared to take care of her sexually, financially,
and emotionally. Leo females are a handful, and remember, she can
always get another man, so treat her right.

How To Date A Leo Male July 23 - August 22 - Cancer

If you are dating a Leo male, he will take you to the best places for
dinner, shows, etc. He will lavish money on you, even if he does not
have it to spend. You can expect him to put the studley moves on you
ASAP, not to worry. Usually it is a game, to see if you are really
interested. He will impress you with his peacock strut, and the way he
puffs out his chest. If he can convince you that he is a great guy,
then he will be, otherwise, you will be pounced on by his cat like
nature. His favorite past-time is being waited on, breakfast in bed,
candlelight, movies, concerts, roses and your basic everyday
adoration. He is capable of a variety of occupations, but he likes to
be the boss the most. This includes home. Leo men can have temper
tantrums, if things don't go their way. It's ok, if you want to toss a
few things back his way, when he starts to roar. Stand up to him. Be
able to turn his roar into a purr. Always look good around him. Don't
admit you color your hair. Do sleep with your makeup on, and dress
sexy and feminine. He won't marry you otherwise. Leo males love the
chase, so let him! (Leo males will already have told you about all of
his other women.)

How To Date A Virgo Female August 23 - September 23 - Virgo

If you are dating a Virgo female, be on time when you arrive in
your Mercedes to take her out for health food. Borrow the car if
you have to. Do not pick her up in your unwashed car, with the
baby car carrier. She isn't interested in ready made families. Wear
the latest in fashion, and above all, have a manicure. Virgo females
notice everything! Have a degree, be a professional, know everyone who
is anyone. Exude confidence. Stay away from the bar where you were
86'd! Do not have other girlfriends. Virgo females are shy and
sometimes aloof. That does not mean they don't like you. It takes
several dates for them to decide if they want you. They are neat
freaks, and don't want to pick up after you. Be toilet trained! If you
tell her you are going to do something at 6 pm, then do it. Virgo
females can drop you for little things like that. Don't quit trying,
if you care about her. They only love a handful of men, and you won't
have any competition. Just be real! Quality is important to female
Virgos. Virgo females are usually career minded, but they will marry.

How To Date A Virgo Male August 23 - September 23 - Virgo

If you are dating a Virgo male, go slowly. They hate to make
mistakes. He will take you out to nice clean respectable
establishments, and go to the movies with you. He does not go
out dancing or rabble rousing with the guys. He is a solitary
person, whose social group is small. Virgo males are inclined
to computers, and the geeky stuff. However, he could balance
your checkbook for you. Do not dress like a slut. Be chic! Have
no children from previous marriages. Don't be too talkative. He
shies away from party animals. He wants to date someone with
a purpose in life. Be interesting, and invite him to your workplace.
He can visualize his name hyphenated after yours on the nameplate on
your desk. Virgo men can be workaholics, that way they can avoid
"nooners". Virgo males are not usually sexually promiscuous. Sex won't
happen until you push for it, but be sure to have your STD test
results handy. He will marry you in time, lots of time, be patient.
Your Virgo male won't divorce you, once in love, it's for keeps!

How To Date A Libra Female September 24 - October 23 - Libra

If you are dating a Libra female, take her to a wine tasting, the
theatre, your Cousin's wedding, anyplace sociable. She likes elegance
and beauty. Dress in your Sunday best. Bring her flowers, cards and
special little feminine gifts. She'll be thoughtful too. Although
Libra women are the ultimate in fashion and femininity, they are big
flirts. However, underneath it all, they really want to be married to
one darling man, who will romance them eternally. Flirt back with her,
she loves little games. You can fall in love anytime you want to with
her. Your car isn't as important, as how you treat her. Gently please,
no conflict! Your Libra female probably won't have children, but she
will have her fluffy lap dog, everywhere you go. She isn't the type to
cheat on you, unless you forget about romance. Your occupation isn't
that important. Be sure to earn enough money to support her frequent
shopping trips to the mall. She loves to decorate, so step back at
home. You can do the outside domestic duties. You get to wash the car
and mow the lawn. When you propose to her, present her with your
poetic love vows, and promise to hire a maid for her. Libra females
love to be married!

How To Date A Libra Male September 24 - October 23 - Libra

If you are dating a Libra male, your first date will be in a romantic
restaurant, highlighted with a wonderful wine list. During dinner just
smile and be sweet. Libra men don't like vulgarity in any form. Dress
tastefully, and do use your flower scented perfume. He loves women who
dress up, wear jewelry, use makeup, and are happy being feminine. He
is fascinated with fantasy, including sexual fantasy. Don't discuss
your recent love life, or ex-husbands. He could care less about your
children, or desire to have them. Don't be argumentative. Libra males
hate conflict. You can discuss your latest painting, the last book you
read, or what your plans are for interior decorating. Libra males love
cozy fires, and sensuous females near it. Fore play is a big high for
Libra males. He is not a wimp, by any means, although, he loves to
please! Yes, he would be your sex slave, provided you tease him a lot.
At work, he is a fair boss, but at home he loves to be used! Libra
males will stay in a bad marriage. Flirting gets them into trouble.
Marriage is part of his ultimate plan, just make certain he is single,
when you decide to date your Libra male.

How To Date A Scorpio Female October 24 - November 22 Scorpio

If you are dating a Scorpio female, be careful! Show up wearing
black clothes that fit you well. Arrive in your black car with the
dark tinted windows. She likes the dark places, so take her to the
bars, a casino would be fab! Don't tell her about the drugs you are
on, she won't tell you about hers either. There needs to be caution
exercised here, because Scorpios are one of two extremes. One the
saint, the other the sinner. The first type of Scorpio is very
religious, and does not smoke, drink, or do drugs. If you are on a
blind date, you will know which version you are dating. Neither type
is hung up on what you wear, but more how you wear it. Have sex
appeal. Be interested in occult matters, be deep. She won't offer you
much information about herself, you will have to guess. Scorpio
females will pry your whole life story out of you. To keep her
interested, be hard to get. You won't know if you are pleasing her, or
where you stand. A fatal mistake is to anger a Scorpio female. Scorpio
women will get you! She has a passionate nature and can have more than
one love interest. They are not usually domestic, nor want to be
involved with parenthood. She will put all of her intense energy into
either partying or getting to the top. Female Scorpios are "all or
nothing", even when it comes to marriage.

How To Date A Scorpio Male October 24 - November 22 Scorpio

If you are dating a Scorpio male, make sure you love secrets! He
loves for you to be sexy, and downright sleazy works for him too. He
can make love to you, and not be in love with you. His passion can
fool women, don't mistake it for love. Oftentimes, they are most in
love when they can't possess or own you. Jealousy is a big issue with
him. He stays jealous. He does not care what you do for an occupation,
nor your financial status. Scorpio males want to control you to
conform to their ideas of living. So, if you aren't strong in your own
identity, then you will lose him. Scorpio males like the challenge of
ownership. They love you most when they can't have complete control
over you. Only the fearless need apply here. One type of Scorpio will
marry you and stay put and dominate the household. Whereas, the other
type will just disappear on you without warning or reason. Be true to
yourself with Scorpio males, and let your personality stay on top!

How To Date A Sagittarius Female November 23 - December 21 Saggittarius

If you are dating a Sagittarius Female, be ready willing and able to
go anywhere. She loves sports and to travel. A perfect date would be
an overnight excursion to Mount Olympus, and skiing down the slopes
for breakfast. Pick her up in your jeep, or pickup truck, she won't
mind your dog either. Dress casual, and be able to tell her about an
Indian Shaman you know, who invited you to a tribal ceremony. She'll
want to go with you. Don't do the same things twice in a row. She
won't care who you are dating, because she has plenty of men friends.
Sagittarius women can be ready for a date on a moments notice. She'll
be great at men's activities, like softball, and eating the worm from
a Tequila bottle. She will have been everywhere, but darn, Sagittarius
females are fun to be around. You can win her heart with variety in
your lovemaking. She isn't the type to spend time in the kitchen or
babysitting. Show her you want to be a companion in all of her zany
schemes. When she falls for you, she will ask you to do thing s with
her. Marriage is not on her mind, but she would marry you, if she felt
you were compatible enough. Sagittarius women love their freedom!

How To Date A Sagittarius Male November 23 - December 21 Saggittarius

If you are dating a Sagittarius male, expect anything and everything.
He is not very reliable about schedules, dates, or you. Not in the
beginning anyway. He likes talkative women and female jocks. He wants
a buddy to join him in his pursuits. Most Sagittarius males are
employed in sales/traveling jobs. They can have a gal in every port.
Let him tell you he is serious about you first. Sagittarius males only
get married when they have to, and then they can't seem to stay
married. They love the thrill and adventure of chasing a woman,
similar to their love of hunting, fishing, and sports. You rank in
there somewhere. You can get used to being a hunting widow, sports
widow, etc., with a Sagittarius male! You should love the same things
he does. Sagittarius men can be very funny and interesting. He will go
to restaurants, but throw out his suit and tie. Sagittarius males like
their comfort and the wide open spaces and places, and freedom with
their women. Make no mistake about it, he does love women, all of
them. When your Sagittarian's heart goes out to you, he won't know
what to do about it, because he didn't expect to fall in love. If you
live with him, he won't find time to go down the aisle. Sagittarius
men dread the thought of a tuxedo, and the stares from wedding guests.
You will have to drag your Sagittarius male to the altar!

How To Date A Capricorn Female December 22 - January 20 - Capricorn

If you are dating a Capricorn female, take her to dinner at the best
restaurant in town, arrive in a limousine with flowers. Dress in your
designer clothes, and be impeccable. Pinstripes and subtle scents
arouse her. Be successful at whatever you are undertaking. Let her
know about it. It's ok, to tell her you made two million last year.
Don't be cheap. Tell her you have been saving yourself for the right
woman, and that you have been working your buns off , to build your
empire. Tell her you need someone to share this big business burden
with, and that your thoughts are about expanding your business. Hint
that a woman, would be perfect as a manager in your new expansion. She
will be so intrigued, that she will offer you sound business
suggestions. She is SMART! Capricorn females won't compete with you,
they'll help climb the ladder. Don't forget about her. She loves
expensive presents with thought behind them. Her little "black book"
is filled with business appointments, not telephone numbers. Capricorn
women are almost always successful in whatever they undertake. They
don't take enough time to eat, so take her to lunch, dinner and your
next corporate meeting. Business thrills them. She may seem cold
emotionally, but don't be fooled. She has those sexual infernos,
looking for a release! She does not trust men entirely, so don't give
her the bums rush, or you will be part of the homeless. She would be a
great wife to a success oriented man. She can entertain your clients,
and friends. Capricorn females, can be boss in marriage too. Be
prepared to be hen-pecked, if you are thinking marriage!

How To Date A Capricorn Male December 22 - January 20 - Capricorn

If you are dating a Capricorn male, plan on doing most of the
talking. He will take you to places with class and ambience. He
will pick you up in his black, luxury car. You will be treated like a
lady. Therefore, you should let him open the doors, etc. Dress in
style, but be sure you show some cleavage. Still waters run deep with
Capricorn males. Your first dates will seem like business meetings,
but eventually you will get to know him. He is insecure about his
emotions and likes to keep them under control. Of course, he won't
make this obvious. Compliment him on his achievements and he will open
up to you. He would be strict as a parent, and holds very traditional
beliefs about relationships. Don't be an airhead or aimless. He
appreciates a hard working woman, whom he can consider an equal. He
does not know how to play, so you will have to lighten him up with
your humorous antics and fun loving side. Once your Capricorn man
commits, he will not leave you. Divorce is a nasty word in his
vocabulary. Capricorn males make good husbands and bread winners.
They are extravagant with gifts to those whom they love.
Marriage will have to be his idea, not yours!

How To Date An Aquarius Female January 21 - Febraury 19 - Aquarius

If you are dating an Aquarius female, arrive in your restored classic.
Wear a funky hat and clothes that shouldn't go together, but somehow
do. Take her to an out of the way coffee house, featuring jazz. Feel
free to discuss anything and everything. She is an intelligent
listener, and will have some bizarre insight of her own. You'll never
truly understand her, so bring a tape recorder for instant replay to
sort it out later. Aquarius women are unusual, not necessarily
hippies, but aware of the entire globe. She won't be ready to jump in
the sack on the first date, she has to get to know you. Be
fascinating, tell her that you are going to Spain to run with the
bulls. Explain your philosophy on combining chemicals to combat
radiation. Tell her about your thesis which was published in the
"International Who Dunnit Magazine". Don't tell her you are in love
with her too soon. You will know when she has taken a strong liking to
you. That is when your Aquarius female will invite you to her abode.
Then you will see the real Aquarius female. There will be many unusual
pictures, and books. There is a story connected to all of her
belongings. When your Aquarius female commits to you, she will not
necessarily be ready for marriage. That is just her way of saying she
likes you. You must have like minds, or there will be no future Mrs. Anybody!

How To Date A Aquarius Male January 21 - Febraury 19 - Aquarius

If you are dating an Aquarius male, consider yourself lucky to even
get the first date. Aquarius males don't date much. They would rather
be an observer, hanging out on the scene. He would prefer to go to
your house and have long talks into the night, and possibly just stay
over. He may tell you that he just video taped an erotica video
featuring wild animals at the zoo with some vacationing starlets. He
may stay at your house, never cook or clean, but just be there, when
you come home from work. Then one day, without warning, he will be
gone. If he is employed, he can be quite selfish with his money. He
likes his freedom, in every way. Eventually he will call you,
.....expect the unexpected with Aquarius. When Aquarius males fall in
love, it is usually with someone who is intellectual, self-sufficient,
and childless. Have a deep purpose or goal in life and he will be
attracted to your dreams. Aquarius males will marry, but they usually
marry the wrong person the first time, and shy away from second
marriages They love their mental freedom. Nagging won't change them.
He won't care what race you are, how much you weigh, etc. Mind
altering drugs can ruin an Aquarian male for marriage completely. If
he is more holistic, then he is searching for a soul mate. Love
yourself and your Aquarius male will too!

How To Date A Pisces Female Febraury 20 - March 20 Pisces

If you are dating a Pisces female, take her to a psychic far, art
gallery, or out for cocktails. Don't take her to the animal shelter,
or you will have a new pet. You can wear anything you like, and you
get to make all the decisions. She prefers men with a passion about
something, just believe in it. Music is one of her favorites and
dancing is definitely a must. If you can't dance, take lessons. Pisces
females don't care if you are good looking, just have a heart. A sense
of humor is an asset, she has one too. She has no confidence in
herself, so support her in her dreams. She falls in love easily. Don't
promise her a rose garden, if you don't mean it. When you go to the
movies, take tissues. It does not matter what the movie is about, she
will inevitable cry, when something touches her. Pisces females love
everyone, even if they treated her badly. She hates to see pain, but
can drown in her own. Cheer her up, be a positive kind of guy, and be
romantic. Encourage her to not live in your shadow, but to have her
own life. Yes, your Pisces woman will marry you. Pisces females have a
hard time saying "No"!