Skin Cleansing

This is the first step in your routine. Morning and evening are usually the best times for cleansing, although if you are going out in the evening and reapplying makeup, always cleanse your face first. There is such a wide range of facial cleansers on the market today, formulated for various types of skin, that you will soon discover the one that suits you best. The decision as to which type of cleanser you choose is a personal one, but it is important that you select a product that is right for your skin.

Women used to believe that soap and water should be used to clean the face, but soap is drying and defatting, and should not be used on the face unless your skin is very oily. Special soapless cleansing bars are perfect if you love the feel of soap and water. These are degined to be gentle on the skin, particularly dry skin. Other cleansers that foam up when combined with water are available - these are ideal if you dislike the feeling of cream. But don't forget that hard water alone is defatting and dries out the skin.

There is a wide variety of cleansing creams and lotions available. These are probably the best way to clean, as they are gentle on the skin and contain none of the harsh ingredients that some of the other forms of cleansers have. Most cleansing lotions are intended to be applied to the skin and then wiped off with clean cotton wool pads or tissues; others are rinsed off with water and a flannel.

After cleansing, make sure that any residue of cleanser is thoroughly removed. With facial bars or soaps, rinse your face repeatedly to remove any film that might adhered to the skin. If your face still feels sticky, wipe over it again with dampened cotton wool pads - if it doesn't come away clean, rinse again. If using a cream or lotion, wipe the face with a dampened cotton wool pad to make sure that all the cream is removed.

Personal Skin Care Plan

Cleanser for Oily Skin - Choose an oil-free soap or a water-soluble lotion. Cleanse at least twice a day.

Cleanser for Combination Skin - Choose a creamy lotion with a light oil agent or a soapless cleansing bar. Cleanse twice a day.

Cleanser for Dry and Mature Skin - Choose a creamy lotion or a soapless cleansing bar. Cleanse once or twice a day.

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