Combination Skin Care

Most women have combination skin, which has areas of both dryness and oiliness. The greasy patches are usually down the centre of the face, forming a T shape, while the remainder of the skin on the face is drier, finer in texture, and in need of more moisturizing. If the difference between the two areas is great they should be treated with separate skin care products.


To prevent spots and blackheads, which often appear in oily areas, cleanse twice a day with a soap-free or oil based cleanser. Oil based cleansers work well on oily areas of skin as they dissolve the skin's own sebum and gently remove any excess. It's not essential to use a toner but may help to reduce the number of large pores.


After cleansing, apply moisturizer twice daily all over the face, not just on the dry areas, as the dehydration that leads to wrinkling is not caused by oil on the skin but by a lack of water in the top layers. The sebum on your skin serves to trap the moisture below this layer.

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