Oily Skin Care

Dark haired, dark skinned women often have oily skin, which is the result of overactive sebaceous glands. Oily skin is prone to breakouts, and often has a shiny film all over, particularly on the nose and cheeks. It is frequently large pored and coarser looking than dry skin. Although younger girls with oily skin often find they have continual breakouts and acne, oily skin is less likely to wrinkle early.


Oily skin looks shiny and has enlarged pores, giving it a thick appearance, due to the excess secretion of sebum. If you don't maintain a thorough cleansing routine, these pores not only hold grease and dirt but also stale sweat and make-up, which can lead to other skin problems. If you have a very oily diet this also shows itself on your face. If you use a soap-free facial wash follow this with an oil-based cleanser, since sebum dissolves in oil and not water. Apply to the skin twice daily, massaging well in, and then remove with damp cotton wool. You could also use a toner made from rosewater to remove any final traces of dirt. If you suffer from spots or acne try tea tree oil. This has drying and antiseptic properties without leaving behind a flaky surface.


Oily skin needs a moisturizer. Choose a light moisturizer and apply it after cleansing. Good quality moisturizers often contain ingredients such as vitamins, sunscreen, and herbal extracts that can aid oily complexions.

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