Care for Your Nails

Keeping your hands looking clean, feminine, and polished doesn't require weekly trips to the manicurist! Try these easy steps at home for a perfect ten:

1. Use cuticle oil. Dry, raggedy cuticles look unkempt. Massage in a drop of cuticle oil to moisturize and soften dry spots.

2. Condition before going to bed. Smooth a cream nail strengthener onto and under nails before bed for extra hydration.

3. Go sheer. For a foolproof polish job, pick a sheer colour with a touch of shimmer. It will look great with just one coat.

4. Buff away ridges. Vertical lines in nails make hands look aged. Use a buffer to smooth away those ridges.

5. Keep 'em short. Long nails look talon-esque even if kept meticulously manicured. File tips to just beyond the end of your finger.

6. Go French. French manicures have made a comeback as a classy, chic alternative to simple polish.




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