Beautiful Breast

From ancient times, women have been concerned about the shape and size of their breasts. Breasts emphasize the vital beauty of the female body. Every woman carves for beautiful breasts. Breasts that contours your proud figure is an enviable asset.

Beautiful breasts do not remain that way always. Breasts loses its resilience sooner or later. Only exercise can postpone the advent of sagging breasts. You also need to check for changes in your breasts to detect initial stages of breast cancer. Carry out a breast examination atleast once a month to nip this dreadful disease that strikes women.

Breasts are made up of fibrous, fatty tissues. These tissues very easily lose their resilient because there are no muscles to hold them in place.

Cause of Breast sags

The weight of your breasts tend to stretch and weaken the connective tissue that supports them. Slimming down eliminates the fibrous, fatty tissues in your breasts, leaving behind undesirable loose skin.

Hormonal changes, advancing years, weight loss and following child birth attribute to the causes of drooping breasts.

Care of Beautiful Breasts

1. Splash on cold water, to firm and tone your breasts.

2. Apres bath, moisturize your breasts using a rich body lotion or precious olive oil. Massage gently but firmly. Always working upwards towards your neck using circular movements. Blot out excess oil using a tissue.

3. Wear a well fitting bra that enhances the shape of your breasts. Your bra should never be too lose as it must undertake the role of supporting your breasts. Also avoid using very tight bras that squeeze and pinch all over breast region.

Towards supple breasts

1. Hold hands just in front of your breast. Palms together, finger tips pointing up. Push hands against each other as hard as possible for ten seconds. Next place your hands above your head and press palms together for ten seconds. Repeat several times daily.

2. Stand errect with your fingers on either shoulder. Rotate your elbows in the air atleast ten times.

3. Bend your elbows in front of you. Clasp each wrist with the other hand slide your palms along fore arms moving from wrists to elbows and back.

4. Stand errect with your hands kept in a prayer position away from your chest. Now push your palms firming together many times.

Improving Bust line

1. Try stretching your arms high above your head. Reach out even more and bring back arms to sides. Do this often.

2. Stand errect with arms outstretched at shoulder level in front of you. Cross arms in a scissor like fashion and move quickly. The right arm on top of the left and then the left over the right arm.

3. Swimming and badminton improves your bustline.

Lawn mowing is a fine exercise to improve your bustline.

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