How to Apply Mascara

Mascara completes your eye make up and makes you ready for that gorgeous look. Mascara adds volume and length to the lashes and make your eyes appear brighter and more beautiful.

Using Mascara

Mascara comes in waterproof and water soluble form. For daily use water soluble mascara is recommended as it can be wiped off easily without any lash breakdown while the use of waterproof mascara should be restricted for occasions like marriages, where you may need to shed tears or on rainy days to avoid it from streaming down your cheeks, as they are too hard on your lashes.

Experimenting with colors is always suggested as you get to know which colour suits your eyes the best. Keep in mind that the colour of the mascara should not match the color of your eyes. Colors like brown, navy and green give a funky look and must be considered for a party makeup. Black mascara suits all and is best for office use though blondes should use it only for bright night make up.

Applying Mascara

1. Mascara should be applied after the eyeshadow and the eyeliner.

2. You must curl the upper lashes before the application of mascara with an eye lash curler for a more catchy look.

3. Twirl the mascara wand in the pack so as to gather the colour on the it. Wipe out the excess mascara from the wand using a tissue to avoid the falling of flakes on the cheeks.

4. Start with applying on the lower lash first. For this the wand is to be held in a vertical position and mascara is applied from side to side. Extra attention is needed for the lower lashes to avoid smudging with the under eye area. Powdering the under eye area is suggested before starting. One stroke is enough for the lower lashes.

5. For the upper lashes, the wand should be held in horizontal position parallel to the eye lid. The wand should be rolled slowly upwards from the roots to the tips. You must wiggle the brush a little at the roots to ensure that bristle moves in between the lashes and highlight each lash seperately. Repeated strokes lend a fuller look.

6. Finally use a eye lash comb to seperate each lash and remove any clumps if formed. Combing of the lashes should be done before the mascara on the lashes ----gets dried.


Sharing of mascara should be avoided to prevent transferring of eye infections.


Before buying a mascara always test it on the back of your ear to make sure that it does not cause any itching or rashes.

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