How to Apply Eye Liner

Beautiful eyes can capture millions of hearts. To get that alluring look an eye liner is a must. An eyeliner adds depth and definition to the eyes, making them more dramatic and expressive. It creates an illusion of thicker lashes and lend your eyes a softer look.

Using Eye Liner

Eye liner comes in liquid or pencil form. Being easier to control and apply, pencil eyeliners are more popular. Liquid eye liners offer more precision and make fine lines though it requires practice to gain control over them. Water proof liquid liners are also available. Such liners are alcohol based. Keeping in mind the colour of the eyes and that of mascara used if any, shade of the liner should be selected..For light colour eyes, brown, navy and charcoal colour liners do wonders while for dark brown and black eyes, brown and plum shades to the trick.

You must go for a thick and soft liner if you have a larger eyelid area. In case of small eyelid area, thin and intense eyeliner would suit best. Emphasis is needed on the inner corners of the eye for wide set eyes while on the outer edge for close set eyes.

Applying Liner

1. Eye liner should be applied before mascara and after eye shadow to avoid smudging.

2. While applying eye liner ensure that you have enough lighting available and a mirror in front of you to check out your movement as you apply it.

3. To start with, tilt your head a little and hold the eyelid taut with the fingertips. The other eye must be kept open so that you can see yourself in the mirror.

4. Starting from the inner side of the held upperlid, draw a line towards the outer edge along the natural curve of the eye. A steady hand is more preferrable and the line should be made in one go.

5. To avoid white lines or breakouts try to sketch the line as close to lash line as possible.

6. In case of liquid eye liner one has to more careful and before opening the eyes you must ensure that the liquid liner has dried.

7. By using repeated strokes you may thicken the line on the outer edge keeping it thin on the inner part.

8. Lining the lower lid lends a more dramatic look however it's a matter of choice. Liquid eye liners should be avoided on the lower lids. Smudging the edges of the upper and lower lines gives a natural look.


1. Go for a few experiments with colours and shapes to know what suits you the best.

2. Eye liner pencil should always be sharpened before use to remove bacteria if any on the open tip.

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