How to Apply Concealer

Your eyes are the feature that you are likely to want to emphasize, and eye makeup is probably the one area that you will want to experiment with different colours, shading, and types. Eye makeup should be applied skilfully and professionally if you are to get the look you want.

Using Eye Shadow

The first step is to pick the colours that best suits you. While dark shades of eye shadow are used to add dimension, lighter shades can perk them up. If you have small eyes and want to give the impression of larger eyes, you want to stay with lighter shades. If you have large eyes or protruding eyes, you would want to use darker shades. Applying foundation on the eyelids provides a good canvas to spread the eye shadow.

Applying Eye Shadow

1. The first rule when applying eye shadow is to blend it well so there are no harsh edges.

2. Using a fine, blunt-ended brush, gently apply the base colour to the entire lid from the inside to the outside corner and from the base of the lashes to the eyelid crease.

3. Use a lighter shade under the browbone to highlight the eyes.

4. The darkest shade can be skillfully used to create depth. Use darker shades on the lid and the crease of the eye.

5. Blend the shadows well, using your fingertips or a cotton swab.


The easiest type of shadow to use and the type that has the widest variety of colours, is pressed powder.

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