How To Apply Blush

Blusher creates a more balanced overall look, gives your cheeks subtle definition and warms the skin. Smile and you will see the fleshy part that stands out the most; this is the apple of your checks.

Using Blush

Applied correctly, blush can light up your face and add a strong healthy glow to the skin. Beginning with blusher will ensure that you're not tempted to overdo your eye make-up.

Blush comes in cream, stick and powder form; the pressed powder ones are the easiest to use. The colour you choose depends on your skin tone and hair colouring. A sheer, matte colour looks the most natural, and using less is always better than using more. Don't use the glittery or shimmering blushes during the day. Save these for an evening look.

Applying Blush

1. Decide the color of blush you want to apply on your cheeks. For this, look at your cheeks after you have exercised. That is what your natural blush color should look like.

2. Tap off the excess blush from your brush before applying to your face - too much blusher can age a mature face and harden a young one.

3. Apply brush starting on the cheekbone below the outer corner of the eye and work your way to the tip of your eyebrow up towards the hairline. Dot cream blush beginning at the apple and blend up the cheekbone towards the hairline.

4. For best results with powder blush, apply after foundation and powder.

5. For a natural look, blend it well down your cheeks.


Compact size blush brushes are too small and the bristles are not shaped properly. Once again, use a good quality brush.

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