How to Apply Foundation

Concealers are an important part of your make up base. They camouflage and hide away facial imperfections making your skin appear soother and flawless. A concealer neutralizes blemishes, dark spot, under eye circles and other marks on the face and blends them with the skin tone to provide a smooth make up base.

Using Concealer

Concealers are available in a variety of textures and shades, each designed for a particular skin type. Choosing the right colour is important and not a matter of choice. You should opt for the colour one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. Most preferred are yellow based concealers as they effectively blend dark undertones while concealing.

To conceal up dark circles, creamier concealers are suggested as this area is very delicate. Liquid concealers perform best for dry skin and under eye make up. Solid concealers are preferred to cover up pimples, scars, acne and blemishes. They are available in form of a stick and enables direct on spot application. In case of sensitive skin makeup concealers with mineral colours should be used.

Applying Concealers

1. Before starting with the concealer, you must apply an eye cream to the under eye area and a mositurizer to the rest of the face and allow them to be absorbed by the skin. This prepares the face for the application of concealer and enables the concealer to adhere evenly on the skin.

2. For the under eye part, start applying the concealer from the inner corner of the under eye area along the curve heading outwards.

3. As for the cheeky region, use a make up brush to apply the concealer. Move the brush in small outwards circular motion. Special care is needed while applying concealer around the lips as it may interfere with colour of the lips.

4. Concealing may be followed by foundation and other usual make up trick.


1. The colour and form of the concealer should be wisely choosen according to the requirement of the face.

2. Dark circles can be effectively covered by adding yellow eye shadow to the concealer.

3. Ruddy tones and broken capillaries can be masked by adding blue or green eye shadow to the concealer.

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