Skin Toning

Toners, often called skin tonics and freshners, are the second step in a skin care routine. Their job is to remove any remaining grease, dirt or makeup left after cleansing. Proper toning will also refresh your skin, making it feel cool and clean.

All toners are liquid, but there are various formulations, depending on the amount of alcohol they contain, available for all types of skin. Some are particularly good for dry skin, being alcohol free , while others have astringent properties that are particularly good for greasy skin and help to remove excess oil. To use a toner, just apply it to a cotton wool ball or pad and wipe over the face, avoiding the eye area and lips.

Personal Skin Care Plan

Toner for Oily Skin - Choose a toner containing alcohol; use it twice a day.

Toner for Combination skin - Choose a gentle low-alcohol toner; use it twice a day.

Toner for Dry and Mature Skin - Choose an extra mild alcohol-free toner; use it once a day.

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