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The heart of Dhaka University, TSC
Submitted By ___________
Staff Correspondent
Picture From: Internet
Teachers Students Center (TSC) is said to be the heart of Dhaka University. It is the focal point of all activities outside the Dhaka University academic schedule. TSC has a magnetic pull and everyday students as well as other people get drawn to the magnetic pull of the place.

Undoubtedly, TSC is the ideal meeting place for all DU students. Other students and people also come here to meet for ‘adda' or conversation. The atmosphere both inside and outside of TSC is marvelous. There is full green lawn inside and the tall trees.

The trees seem always to whisper something to one another. The beauty of TSC has been advanced by the magnificent sculpture "Aparajeyo Bangla". The gentle wind in the late afternoon brings the poet out in everyone. Furthermore, the poetic mood gets increased by the fantastic tea from the canteen nearby. TSC is the place where our parents used to hangout in their time, now we used to hangout here and may be our future generation will also do the same thing!

This superb place, TSC of Dhaka University, was established in 1966 with the financial support from the then Ford Foundation. The objective to create TSC was to discover a center where teachers and students would be able to interact outside classroom.

In its earlier period, there was a cafeteria, an auditorium, a rehearsal room, a film lab, a library, a reading room, an audio centre, art and music room, a swimming pool, a provision store, a bookshop and a bank.

However with the passing of time many of these facilities have disappeared from TSC. Now, there is no existence of the film lab, audio centre, swimming pool and the bookshop. And the more fact of sadness is that, the existing facilities are also not in great shape. The film lab was to introduce the students to the technical sides of photography. But now it could not continue living anymore.

Although TSC was established with a very modern concept of education, it is losing some of the existing competences. All the students of Dhaka University want to enhance the facilities of TSC. But it seems to be very difficult even to keep up the existing facilities in good condition because of low budget.

The swimming pool of TSC is also out of commission. The bookshop has disappeared as well. The authorities however said they were trying to increase the facilities in TSC. They have undertaken a project to establish a multi-storied building to add more facilities.

Nevertheless, TSC exists with some problems and limitations; it is the heart of DU as is stated before. It is still one of the most attractive, meeting and entertaining centers for teachers and students of Dhaka University. Not any single day, TSC is out of adda. So visit TSC to catch the taste of campus life!


A+ "Blessing or curse" !!

Submitted By ___________
Sinu, BBA, Dafodill University

Picture from Internet: Dhaka City College

The results of S.S.C examination were brought to light in 26 th June, 2008 showing on average pass percentage of 72.18 and securing 52500 students GPA 5.00. In spite of natural, economic and political crisis in Bangladesh , the talents are blooming rapidly in educational sector. It can easily understand by observing the record number of GPA 5.00 and the supreme pass rate of the history of Bangladesh.


The passed students, particularly who scored A+ are highly meritorious and promising future leaders of expected Bangladesh . There is no scope of denying the fact. Now, the dream of bright future is floating in front of there eyes. To ensure improved future, first of all it is necessary to confirm quality higher education. To say something about the acceptable higher education, at first come the name of public universities, Govt. medical colleges and engineering universities. But painfully true that the seats of the renowned colleges for the higher secondary level are only 18000 and approximately 25000 for higher educational level. The last year statistics show that the number of A+ candidates in each S.S.C level and the number of H.S.C A+ scores is almost same or close to semi liar students. This number is growing swiftly. In that case the H.S.C GPA 5.00 scorers may be 50000 in upcoming 2010. If it happens, at least 25000 A+ scorers will get deprived of admitting in public universities and Govt. medical colleges. This reality is ruder for other students. As majority percentage of Bangladeshi are poor or lower middle class, so it is nearly impossible to admit their candidate in the private universities. Every year it can realize easily by the true photographs of ‘Admission War'. When a large part of double A+ gainers fail to admit in accordance with their expectation, the fostering dream of ‘Bright Future' may fall in obscurity or hopes will be dashed forever. Failure of replying a very common asks, ‘Where have you admitted?' by parents, relatives, friends, neighbor etc. may welcome the ultimate frustration in their lives. As a result, this most precious, A+ will be treated to the students nothing but a curse. Despite of good results, if the students are not rewarded properly may lose interest about education. So the Govt. and the concern authorities should give the highest priority to create new, best quality public universities, to develop the standard of the national universities and to enhanced more admission seats for standing public universities as early as possible.

Reading books

Submitted By ___________
Sinu, BBA, Daffodil University

Picture : Internet
Let's travel the world, not by going all the places physically but through books. Almost certainly, reading books is the easiest and least costly way to travel the world. It serves all types of people and helps learn about all sorts of interesting things. Your habit of reading books is the only satisfaction which has no limitation and entertains you even when all other pleasures lose color.

Readers can see the whole world, meet people of varieties, and learn more about human nature through reading. It may be not possible other way even any person travel and meet with people whole life. You are able to experience the countless experiences through variety of books as books are considered to be the ocean of knowledge.

Can any other hobby be more satisfying and rewarding than reading? No, certainly not. Some people have passion for reading and they know that how fascinatingly books exert a pull on a reader! Such readers are familiar with the ecstasy of books and always choose books among all other alternatives.

Reading books create an amount of attention and construct amusement for readers. While reading a book, you can always be active and lively. You finish one page before you move on to the next one. If you want you can read one page over and over again, trying to realize what the characters feel and analyze the things that they perform.

Just think, when you read something your mind is not blank. Whatever you are reading, you have mental images of what the characters look like, how they speak, how their residence looks like. Your mental images are ones that you thought of, the ones that work for you. There are no right answers to what a character looks like, or what his room is like. Actually while you are reading, you are composing all these images and thinking of all the possible outcomes. It is an exhilarating exercise for your brain, something that is known to have triggered the passion for writing in many hearts.

There are others benefits of reading. It may make you a writer! This happens because the passionate readers have a passion for writing, and hope to see their own words to be printing words someday. To be a good writer, the first and foremost condition is that you must be a good reader. Through reading varieties of books you are able to get into the depth of the story and see how the writer manages to tie the sequences mutually. You also can first see how others have done it. Read good books over and over again. Read having it in mind to do more than just finish the book. It can affect magically to the way you see the world around you.

When you read a good book with proper concentration, it performs more than just reading a collection of words. It almost feels like the writer is talking to you, that he or she took the trouble of writing this story so that you would enjoy reading it someday. The words of books are alive for centuries, and will confidently continue to do so for a long time into the future. Human beings may depart this life within decades, but books can be eternal. Great personalities of the past are no longer with us. But their words have survived, and managed to enlighten generations afterwards who have taken the recognition of reading their words.

Only through books, someone separated from you by thousands of kilometers and decades of time can write for you, with messages that convey meaning in your own life, about people you may well have run into only the other day. When you read, you suddenly realize that you are not alone in this world, as there are other natives who feel exactly same way you do at some level. You realize the world; you realize the humanity inside many diverse stories and this is possible only in the path of reading books.


Glorious Dhaka City College

Submitted By ___________
Bappy, Ex-Student, Dhaka City College

Picture : Internet

Dhaka City College is a family of students and teachers who share their thoughts, laughter, and sorrow. This college has its own place and own space, and the students are happy here. Here students' motto is to penetrate into the depth of the undiscovered world of knowledge hidden within books. Students are lucky to be a part of an ideal college like Dhaka City College, as this institution has already earned wide-spread name and fame both at home and abroad.


A brief history

Dhaka City College is established in 1957 at Azimpur. The college could not continue its functions there many days. Just for the sake of its survival it was shifted to the 2 nd floor of Dhaka College in 1959 under the special cooperation of the then East Pakistan Governor where it lasted for many days. In 1970, on bigha of land was bought for this college at the cost of Tk. one lac and twenty thousand. At that time there was only one storeyed residential building in the plot containing three rooms. B.A. and B.Com. (Pass) courses were introduced in the college during that time.

A new chapter of Dhaka City College started from the year 1977. The total number of students was about 200 and teachers were ten in all. There was an approximate amount of Taka ten thousand in the college general fund. I.Sc. course was introduced this year and opened the door of science. It was at the state that semester system of education was introduced into the college perhaps for the first time in the country at college level. it is a matter of great pride that the system is now being followed by different colleges and universities throughout the country. Within one decade the college received a new dimension of development both physically and academically.

Present situation

At present there are two six storeyed buildings in the entire space of the college. This college is proving its students with modern facilities. There are advanced classrooms, well equipped laboratories including software computer laboratories with broad band internet and electronics laboratories, departmental rooms for higher education, central library, separate libraries for the students of Honors and Master courses, separate libraries for BBA and Computer Science, big auditorium, canteen, teachers' common room, examination control room, conference room, prayer room etc. for meeting modern education requirements. The central library and other libraries meant for higher education contain many books written by both local and foreign writers to provide sufficient facilities for the learners.


Dhaka City College has some brilliant, energetic and awesome teachers, who appreciate and help students in any difficult situation related to their studies or in extra curricular activities. They are always ready to guide their students. Teachers of this college assure of all their support in achieving students' coveted goals. In some course, the departments invite guest teachers from DU or from some private universities. They all also appreciate the effort of the students, and admit that they are eager to learn and know. So, students who are studying here are satisfied, feel nice with what they have, what they are.


Dhaka City College is a non-government college. Its administration is mainly run by the Governing Body which is constituted to the rules of National University of Bangladesh. Here are professors in charge of Administration, Accounts, Examination, Class supervisors and others. Here BBA curriculum almost has the same course like any other universities.


The education system of the college, its discipline, teacher-student ratio and congenial environment prevailing in the college are appreciable. It was awarded as the best college of Dhaka Metropolitan City in 1990 by the government. From the year 1984 the students of the college have been occupying merit positions at different levels and achieving tremendous results. The recognition of being best college also has come from National University in two consecutive years 2002 and 2003 for B.Com. (Pass) course results. Ultimately the college is providing the nation with skilled and sincere human-power. Dhaka City College obtained 2nd position in the result of H.S.C. 2008.

Co-curricular activities

For the blooming of the talents, latent in them, the students need to exercise their physical and mental skills. Such exercises endow them with the qualities of honest and sincere leadership. With this end in view, Dhaka City College conducts different co-curricular activities throughout the year. The college has its unique method of conducting co-curricular activities. Dhaka City College Council may be a model in running co-curricular actions. Students perform various co-curricular activities under the guidance of professor in-charge and several other advisory teachers. The system is working almost like a magic in running co-curricular activities of the college and thereby helping students in flourishing their creative genius. Different departments of co-curricular activities are given below:

•  Freshers' reception and Farewell department

•  Social welfare department

•  Department of Religious affairs

•  Outdoor games department

•  Indoor games department

•  Literary and Cultural department

•  College magazine department

The wheel of development of the college is ever on march. And students are able to add a new chapter of glory and success to the rapid advancement of this college. Hence, it will be more appreciated if students can better the position, fulfill the long cherished desire of the college and turn this college into ‘A Center of Excellence'.



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