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Hospital Phone Numbers                  
 Anjuman-e-MofidulIslam9336611,248166, 239808
 BangladeshDiabetic Society9661551-60
 Al-Baraka Kidny Hospital9350884, 9351164
 Al-Biruni Hospital8118905, 9115958
 Al-Manar Hospital9121387, 9121588
 Al-Markajul Islamic Hospital9129426, 9129217
 Al-Maghraby Eye Hospital9135451-2, 8114142
 Al-Rajhi Hospital(PVT.)Ltd8119229, 9117775
 Bangkok Hospital9139777, 9134982, 8111154
 BARDEM(Shabagh Avenue)8616641-50
 BDF Hospital8113431 8323730
 Bangladesh Diabetic Society9661551-60
 Bangladesh Diagonostic & Medical center9335838, 8322249
 B.N.S. Eye Dhaka8014476
 Bangladesh Medical College Hospital9118202
 China Bangla Hospital8913674 8913606
 Cholera Hospital600171-8
 Chritian Medical Hospital9886298 8813375
 Dhaka Medical Collage500121-6 505025-29, 502529
 Fire Service for Ambulance9555555 9556666
 Green Hospital8612412 8619068
 Holy Family Red Cresent8311721-5 8315007-8
 Hospital For Infection Disease602429
 ICDDRB B8811751-60
 ICDDRB B (Ambulance)8811751-59
 ICDDRB B (Director)8823031
 ICDDRB B8811751-59
 IPGMR8614545-9 8611737-41, 8614001-5
 Islami Bank Hospital9336421-3
 Islamia Eye Hospital9119315 8112156
 Lion Eye Hospital9129127
 Lab Aid Cardiac Hospital880-2-8610793-8, 8629782
 Maternity Hospital (Azimpur)503329
 Mirpur General Hospital9007873 8015444
 Mitford Hospital7319002-6
 Monowara General Hospital239446 244717
 Monowara Hospital (Pvt) Ltd.8318135 8319802
 National medical Institute Hospital237300 233469
 Orthopedic Hospital9112150
 Railway Hospital409341-9
 Royal Hospital (Pvt) Ltd.8313096
 Salimullah medical College Hospital7319002-6
 Samorita Hospital9131901
 Shahid Suhrawardi Hospital9122560-78 9112086, 8114856, 9130800
 Shahid Suhrawardi Emergency9130050
 Shishu Hospital8116061-2 9119119
 South Asian Hospital8616565
 Stone Crash Hospital8618388
 Heart Hospital9801874 9803302
 T.B. Hospital (Mohakhali)608031-4
 Women & Children`s Hospital & Research Cintre9115458 9121077
 Yamagata Dhaka Friendship Hospital9129354
 Aroggaya Niketan9333730
 Compath Clinic8617844 9660086, 508651
 Comfort Diagnostic Centre8616045 9660111
 Dhaka Monorog Clinic9005050
 Dipham R & S Centre8117772-3 9125811
 Enayet Hospital509313 509586
 Gulshan Mother & Child Clinic8822738 8812992
 Ibn Sina Clinic8119513
 Judi Maternity9113322
 Medi Aid Clinic9112076 8118456
 Medistone Clinic405092
 Paltan Poly Clinic9557385
 Peeriess Diagnostic Treatment Centre9550441
 Retina Eye Centre (Clinic)9884588 9884566
 Rajdhani Clinic413525
 Rusmono Clinic418268 418205
 Sclavo Medical Centre9351404 8311830, 418409
 Shefa Nursing Home9111758
 Shumana Clinic245534
 The Eye Clinic9333238
 Trauma Centre327257 8116969
 Uttara Heart Centre Pvt. Ltd.9118138 8911875
 Bikalpa Dental Clinic606634
 Capital Dental Clinic328888
 Capital Dental & X-ray Clinic501531 328888
 Dental Clinic (Chittagong)634837
 Dental Clinic (Tajmahal Road)326433
 Endo Dental Clinic413851
 Fatema Dental Care9342033
 Flowrence Dental Care9342033
 Intimate Dintal Clinic8612136
 Mukul Dental Clinic500007
 National Dental Care328888
 Oroni Dental Clinic (Mirpur)8014760
 Palashy Dental Clinic501892
 Popular X-Ray506089
 Ratan Dental Clinic8614898 508000
 Shajahanpur Dental Clinic9332125
 The Dental Surgeons Ltd.415458 9342275
 U.S Dental Clinic8912891 8918090
 C.M.H681551-9 618851-4, 680359
 CTG Medical College Hospital616891-5
 Diabetic Hospital617495
 Eye Hospital Ctg616625 615710-2, 636061
 Infection Diseases Hospital751733
 Lions Eye Hospital616652
 Memon Hospital & Maternity617169
 Panaroma Hospital619921 630549
 Pahartaly Hospital615710
 Police Hospital616379
 Port Hospital505021-9
 Railway Hospital720121-39 722220
 Red Cross Maternity Hospital631419 634545, 636886, 682186
 Shishu Hospital711236 720063
 T.B Hospital (Fauzdar Hat)751444
 University Hospital659071
 Ali Clinic724066
 Al- Faruq Health Centre732083
 Arogya Niketan731366
 B.N.S.B. Eye Hospital785889
 City Nursing Home724329
 Community Eye Hospital725355
 C.S.S. Eye Hospital731220 722355
 Cure Home General Hospital (Pvt) Ltd.723542
 Diabetic Hospital721966
 Diarrhoea Hospital722556
 Doctors Clinic723215
 Doulatpur Poly Clinic774887
 Dr. Amanullah Clinic721283
 Eye Hospital (Rupsha)722355
 Fair Health Clinic761617
 Garib-e-Nawaj Clinic720081-3 721784
 Green Maternity Clinic721016
 I.D Hospital774716
 Khan-A- Sabur Cancer Hospital & Research Institute760607
 Khulna Children`s Nursing Home723572
 Khulna Clinic730562
 Khulna Disabled Hospital761486
 Khulna Maternity & Health Centre731533
 Khulna Medical College Emergency761509
 Khulna Medical College Hospital761531-5 761509
 Khulna Pain Centre720415 720711
 Khulna Pangu (Dis-Able) Hospital721019
 Khulna Police Hospital723505
 Khulna Sadar Hospital723876 723433
 Khulna Sergical Clinic722568 724450
 Khulna Surgical & Medical Hospital (Pvt) Ltd.723966 724450, 722568
 Khulna Shishu Hospital724275
 Khulna Skin Care Centre730166
 Khulna T.B Clinic731105 761105
 Khulna T.B Hospital762552 774552
 Khalishpur Clinic762109 761637
 Kinder Clinic732212 725552
 Linda Clinic724066
 Marie Stopes721902
 Matri Mangol Clinic721688 762109
 Maternity Hospital (Headquarter)722556 720444
 Medicare Diogonastic Cintre722678
 Mery Stop Clinic731190
 Metropolitan Clinic723075
 Mishu Clinic721270
 Mohanagar Diogonastic Clinic723852
 Monisha Clinic760977
 Nabila Clinic730950
 Nahar Clinic731478 720740
 Nargis Memorial Clinic723499 720379
 Nazma Clinic725042-146
 Niramoy Clinic730220
 Popular Nursing Home761456
 Pyramid Clinic783238
 Quior Home723542
 Railway Hospital723231
 Raj Surgical Clinic720782
 Sadar Hospital724525 720133
 Samela Memorial Clinic760956
 Seba Clinic724267 724269
 Shatadal Clinic724930
 Shapla Clinic724857
 St. Martin Pathology724065
 Upasam Hospital720778
 Auro Diagnostic Complex731744
 Basundhara Diagnostic Centre720075
 Biswas Investigation Centre763648-111
 C.T Imaging Centre Khulna Ltd.731150
 Doctors Diagnostic Centre723655
 Doha Physiotherapy Centre732355
 Fatema Health Care Centre (Pathology)730265
 Jamuna Diagnostic Centre760757 731771
 Khulna Diagnostic Centre732228
 Lab- Tec Diagnostic Centre724246
 Medicare Diagnostic Centre722678
 Mohanagar Diagnostic Centre723852
 Padma Diagnostic Centre724907
 Rangdhanu Diagnostic Complex731658
 Sandhani Diagnostic Complex724819
 Sent Martins Pathological Laboratory724065
 Setu Diagnostic Centre730310
 Standard Pathology725848
 Sundarban Diagnostic Centre722079
 Tot Pathology725141
 Ultra Diagnostic Complex720600 722369
 Medical College Hospital (Emergency)761509 761531-3
 Adhunic Sadar Hospital74866
 Baptist Mision74176
 Diabetic Hospital74870
 Feni Medical College Hospital73085
 Meri Stop Clinic73380
 T.B. Clinic74137
 Cox`s Bazar
 Hospital Enquiry584
 I.D Hospital716602
 Maternity Hospital716214
 Medical College717055 717051
 Sadar Hospital717061-5
 Hospital Enquiry3152
 Red Crescent Enquiry2539
 Hospital Enquiry3049
 Medical College - PABX5702-5
 Red Cresent Hospital2343
 Sadar Hospital Enquiry2101
 Hospital Enquiry6333
 General Hospital5022
 Ad-Deen Hospital72803-6
 Daratana Hospital3812
 Diabetic Hospital Jessore6273
 Dipa Clinic5140
 Fatima Hospital5056
 Garib Shah Private Hospital72524
 General Pathology & Diagnostic Centre5615
 Hasina Clinic & Nursing Home5737
 Janaseba Complex & Pathological Laboratory3664
 Jessor Eye Clinic5990
 Mother & Child Health Care3138
 Nova Medical Centre72233
 P.K.S. Clinic5001
 Police Hospital Jessor76191
 Prime Diagnostic Complex6277
 Sadar Hospital5056
 T.B. Clinic76779
 T.B. Hospital Jessore6779
 Uniqe Diagnostic5030
 Uttara Private Hospital6347
 T.B Hospital Enquire5560 5220
 Medical College Enquire774354
 Sadar Hospital779155
 TB Hospital779133
 General Hospital4023
 Police Hospital3283
 Hospital Enquiry3022
 General Hospital5077
 Mental Hospital5581
 Sadar Hospital Enquire6112
 T.B Clinic5588
 Adhunic Hospital663
 Sadar Hospital211
 Medical Emergency3063
 Sadar Hospital3043
 Hospital Enquiry3038
 Hospital Enquiry2220 3122
 B.A.V.S Hospital2373
 Baptist Med Mission Hospital2386
 Diabetic Hospital6714
 Mahmood Clinic2778
 Police Hospitel6968
 Sadar Hospital6912
 T.B. Clinic2326

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